This trip is a tricky one, because we are going to be gone for so long and we have such a huge range of activities and places that we are going. So I’m hoping that by posting this and sharing with you what I liked/didn’t like/or didn’t need throughout the trip, it might help you in the event that you travel similarly. Not to mention, this trip to Zion is a super popular destination right now! We did so much research and read other people’s posts about the same trip and found that to be so helpful.

First off, the gear. And I’m talking the actual needed, not-usually-something-you-have-laying-around kind of gear. I knew hiking shoes would be a must, so I took a recommendation from a friend for these Danner Boots which I made sure to break in a few times at a local park. That is an absolute MUST! Do not buy new hiking boots and take your inaugural wear on the first trail on your trip. These are comfortable, but I did grab some large band-aids and pre-wrap so that they were even more comfortable.

Next would be a good bag and sunscreen. Having a comfortable bag that you can put everything in comfortably, and the one that I got below was perfect! Even fit my huge water bottle and Canon camera.

When it comes to the clothes, I think that this is the trickiest. When we looked at the weather the week before coming out it was supposed to be beautiful and in the 80’s. Then within 24 hours it dropped down to the 60’s. Now, I now that doesn’t sound awful especially when you’re moving around, but out here that means close to the 30’s in the morning. So I packed as many layers as I could! And ones that were versatile but would be easy to remove as well. This Alo Yoga Jacket is the heaviest thing that I brought, hoping that with a heavy longsleeve on underneath it, that will be good enough to keep me warm.

I’m sure that I overpacked and there will be tons that I don’t use, but in my next post I’ll talk more about the first part of our trip; what I used the most, details of each hike, and what we learned in our research beforehand.

But in the meantime, check out what’s in my suitcase!



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