This trend isn’t new, but it has made a strong appearance these past six months! 




And I like it!! I like accessories that can make the outfit! Like the picture above, for example. All I’m wearing is a jean jacket and a white tee, but with the scarf? The style is elevated! All of a sudden my simple outfit is a super trendy, still casual, yet classy, outfit! 




I also love anything that I can wear several ways! If you’ve read any of my posts before this one, I use the word ‘versatile’ a lot. It makes, purchasing an item feel a little more justified, right? Like, “if I can wear this five different ways, then it’s like I’m buying 5 items for the price of 1!” 

I know you have that internal monologue sometimes when shopping! 




And whether you add this as a hair accessory, or add it to another accessory like a cross body bag or your tote, it’s a great way to add a pop of color! Y’all know me… neutrals, neutrals, neutrals! So if I need to get a little pop? This is a great way to do that without it being overwhelming! 




There are so many great scarves on the market right now that are so affordable! Even check out Target! And shop the links below for some of my favorite picks! 

A lot of these scarves and bandana’s are under $20!!!! Especially check out the ones at Urban Outfitters! Right now a few of them are “2-for” deals. Totally justified purchases 😉 




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