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Whether it’s for errands or a HIIT workout, I always need my leggings to be comfortable and supportive. And if you find the right ones, you can wear them to brunch or with a cute sweater and you’ve got an outfit for every day of the week!

You might be shocked not to find the Spanx faux leather leggings on here, but to be honest I really don’t like to wear those for very long. Something about the material gets uncomfortable after a few hours for me, so this list was based off of not only performance and functionality, but comfort! I want to be able to wear the same leggings to all of my errands as I do to my workout that I do hours later. Or know that if I wear them for a day of travel, I’m not going to be uncomfortable halfway through the flight.

  1. Athleta Ultra High Rise Elation Tight – these are absolutely my number 1!! I I first got them in the fun green/black leopard print months back, then found myself looking for them every time I went to work out. These are ultra high rise which I am obsessed with!! During my Solidcore classes I don’t have to pull them up once, during my runs, they stay up! And during my lifts I’m not readjusting at all. They are also insanely soft! Which is why I bought them in black (and three of them) because I would and will wear them every day!

  2. Lorna Jane – these are a very close second and for very similar reasons. Great support and super soft! Not quite as high rise as the Athleta pair, but still high rise enough to be comfortable during activity. They are also supportive and maybe even slightly thicker in fabric. they have some seams around the hips too that give an extra umf in that area (which I need :-D)

  3. Fabletics Seamless Mesh Leggings – everyone needs a pair of seamless leggings. Not sure the exact reasoning, but you just do. And this brand is always super affordable and I have worn out my pair! While I have had my seamless leggings for about two-three years now and have worn them oodles, the material has become a little rougher over time and the waist has stretched a bit. Not awful, but just a tad. Now, for the price I have still absolutely worn their value and then some! So if you’re worried about them wearing out, it’ll take a while and since they are so inexpensive, it isn’t as big a deal!

  4. Yummie Cotton Stretch Shaping Legging – okay so these I wouldn’t work out in because they are cotton, but they are still some of my favorites. These are all I wear when I travel (and need to be a bit warmer) because they are on the thicker side. They aren’t quite as tight as Spanx, which I like, but still high rise and supportive. Also nice and soft and you know they’ll last with the quality material.

  5. Nike Sculpt – i’m not usually one to like leggings of the thin and slick nature, but these are fantastic. They are probably the thinnest on this list, but they are still supportive. Trust me, you won’t feel like people can see every dimple… because if you did I most definitely would not be waring them! What’s really nice is they have also got an extra support around the waistband! So they definitely stay up and give you a little umf around the tummy! (I feel like ‘umf’ should now be in the dictionary). They do come in a tight and crop length, I have both and wear both equally!

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