We all know the feeling, we get super excited to change our clothes based on the seasons! Sweaters, boots, etc. But one of the problems is that once the crisp air subsides, it leaves a chill. And here, in Minnesota that chill is something like 38 degrees and snow flurries. And yes, I am still talking about Fall. But what I hate about the heavy parka’s and that time of year is that it completely hides my outfit! So here are some coat ideas, my favorite styles, and finds to keep you stylish into the Winter.

Bomber + Anorak Jackets

I love these styles for Fall, because they are super casual and have a variety of weights. There is something about fall that, for me, encourages boyfriend jeans, plaid shirts, and oversized sweaters. I feel like these two jackets fit those styles and compliment them really well. I love a bomber jacket with some booties, and anorak jackets are great for layering!

A long wool coat / blazer

Y’all know how much I love my staple long camel colored wool coat, but I have also come to love the shorter versions too! That could almost pass as a blazer and would be great to wear to work. I think if you want to keep your closet from getting overstuffed, you find the color that would compliment you the best and get one in each length! I just got a longline wool blazer from gap the other day and I love it! It is perfect for those days where you might feel al title silly wearing a full-on coat, but still want to stay warmer.

Heavy Plaid Coats

I’m loving these plaid patterns that have been popping up since last year! I got one that has recently sold out but if you’re not into the solid colors, or want something a little more stylish or fancy, I think a plaid one is the perfect option. There are tons of different options too!! At all different price points that you can shop below.

Puffer Jacket

I tend to save these for the frigid months, unless they are short ones that are cute to wear with activewear. But I like these for the more casual

UNDER $100

UNDER $200

$200 & UP




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