It’s my favorite time of year. 

BBQ’s, fireworks, and the beautiful red white and blue! Now, when it comes to summer fashion, I love the casual vibes. Everyone is in jean shorts and relaxed. But one of my pet peeves around the 4th of July is the American flag design. Not sure why, but I am very particular about how it is used on my clothing. I think sometimes it can be a little too much, and let’s be honest here… it’s a little obvious of a choice. Like, yes, it’s Independence Day, we know. 

But I think the biggest issue for me is that those designs and pieces of clothing can then only be worn maybe once or twice a year! Unless you’re throwing a ton of American Pride theme parties, which, by all means! But I’d prefer the clothes that I invest in to be a little more versatile. Meaning, I could wear them throughout the year, no problem! 





And this summer has been a really fun one when it comes to 4th designs! I love what’s on the market right now and I think you will too!! Check out the categories below to shop some adorable pieces thatI know you’ll want to rock all summer long! 

Check out my holiday outfit picks below! 


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png








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