This is one of the most special times in your life! You have so many exciting things coming up… as well as stressful. But finding your fashion for all of these fun events shouldn’t be stressful! If so, hopefully this post will help you out.

I absolutely loved this part of the planning process! And in fact wrote several posts about it last year when I was fresh out of it. But loving it isn’t just because I love fashion, etc. but because I love the color white! I do! I love the simplicity and the classiness in a white dress, blouse, trousers, I could go on. So I was in my element.

I personally love a jumpsuit and think that it’s the perfect blend of classic, fancy, appropriate, but also fun! I sprinkled some of my favorites in here, along with some cute rompers for maybe a fun night out with your girls. In fact, I wore a jumpsuit to both of my showers and loved both of them. I think that if you have tons of other events, maybe your girlfriends are throwing you a lunch, or casual engagement party, I think that the blouses down below would be beautiful with a pair of jeans or white trousers.

At the end of the day, these events are for you and to celebrate you! So it’s important to wear what you want and what you feel good in. But it is important to dress appropriately too. Which I think if you know the person who is holding the event well, you’ll probably be able to gauge the tone of the event easily. Below are some amazing options for whatever the tone and whatever the event!




Happy shopping!!







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