It is the time of year where everyone is either starting their wedding activities, or getting engaged so thinking about their own wedding events. And this is often the most asked for content! My husband and I thought that our wedding season was going to be super slow this year and it is actually one of the busiest, so I’ll be shopping right along side all of you!

Spring weddings can be tricky, right? It isn’t “warm” out and when the sun goes down you could actually be pretty chilly. But the best part is the colors! I think that a Spring wedding is the perfect time to show some color, and Sp/Su 20 color trends are super fun; blush/rose, and pistachio. So I compiled a few great finds in that palette below, and all of these are under $100 as well. Another color trend is tangerine, but I am not huge on aggressive colors like that, but totally get the appeal! I included some of those finds below too!



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A lot of people wonder whether or not you can wear black to a wedding, and to be honest I don’t see why not. I mean, most guys in suits are in black? But, in my opinion there are a few caveats to it:

  • make it fun + flirty! Especially in the Spring and Summer you should be wearing light and fun designs and incorporate materials like lace to keep it fun. The style can convey this too! Something like a fun cut, or a flirty ribbon around the waist. I love the ones below!

  • Jumpsuits are a great way to keep the outfit wedding-appropriate. I think any event fancier than cocktail attire you might want to reconsider, but I think that jumpsuits are totally appropriate for all others.

  • Pair colorful accessories! Do not dull your outfit down with a dark clutch or heels for a warm-weather wedding!! PLEASE!!! Add a pop of color in your shoes, or a light shawl to stay warm. Black goes with just about everything so the options are endless!!

  • Note the dress code and ambience: if it is a beach wedding? Probably not the best choice. If it is super casual, also maybe not.

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