Let me tell you, two years into my 30’s and I am feeling the changes. If you think that you can do things the same in your 30’s as you did in your 20’s? SPOILER ALERT! You can’t…

just go out for a few cocktails and you’ll know what I mean the next morning.

I have always been dutiful about my skincare routine, but as I have gotten older I have also changed a few things to go along with my increasing age 🙁





I know, I am usually always preaching to save money and purchase things efficiently, but with skincare I have noticed a difference as I have incorporated higher quality products into my everyday routine. Now, you don’t have to go and buy every expensive product out there, but maybe not as many items from CVS? And a few more from Sephora.

The bottom line is that a lot of these companies that are higher in price point are also higher in quantity (but not all the time). My favorite brands to do that are Tata Harper, Kiehl’s, and Mario Badescu. I have a few of their products that I use almost every single day and love how they have improved the look of my skin over the years. Kiehl’s is amazing for the everyday cleanser, in particular the Deep Cleansing Foaming Face Wash. I also use their toner everyday along with this nourishing eye cream.

I’ve also started specifying my moisturizer. I have one serum/moisturizer for the morning and one for the evening. Specifically the one at night is the Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream and the serum I use in the morning is Summer Friday Vitamin C Serum.





Well, no duh right? But what I mean by that is treat your skin problems instead of just a blanket cleanser. Skincare is not one size fits all, so finding brands that have the right products for your skin type is crucial! I have definitely honed in on products for oily skin, and those that have vitamins and nutrients. I have crazy oily skin so using a cleanser that someone with dry skin would use just doesn’t make sense.

I also have crazy issues with pores, so I have used deep cleansers specific to cleaning out your pores along with some new tools! Once a week I use my steamer to really deep clean my face along with my Kiehl’s deep pore cleanser and the feeling afterwards is amazing. The benefit to these quality beauty brands is that they have the science to be able to treat several different kinds of skincare needs so odds are, if you search hard enough, you can find exactly what you need!




I mean reeeeeaaaally take it off. I cannot imagine sleeping in makeup and my gosh we all know how awful that is for your skin. But even if you think you’re taking off your makeup, you might be leaving just enough on that is preventing you from really having great skin. I have to admit, I used to be one of those girls that would use a wipe to take my makeup off then wash my face and that was it. I thought I was good to go! It wasn’t until I started using a cleansing oil followed by a Face Halo pad did I realize how much makeup I was leaving on my face. Using the white ones was eye opening!! Even after technically cleansing my face, I would use the Face Halo and still see so much makeup coming off. I was shocked!

I know my face is so much healthier now that I have a good makeup removal routine that not only takes it off, but also cleanses and nourishes my skin.



STEP 1: wash my face with a cleansing oil 
STEP 2: use the Face Halo as directed
STEP 3: wash face with deep cleansing foaming wash
STEP 4: apply toner
STEP 5: serum + moisturizer




Honestly, just like anything involving your body, to really make a change you’ve got to start from within and what you put inside of your body. If you don’t take vitamins? Start! If you don’t drink greens with collagen or add it to your smoothie or morning coffee? Start! You will see a quicker result by doing that than with any skincare product you could by. And it is way less expensive than those crazy facials or botox.

Eating better in general is also just overall a great way to feel and look better… obviously. But there are certain vitamins and foods that help with skin than others; specifically, Vitamins D, C, E, and K. D of course comes from the sun, and just 10 – 15 minutes a day is enough to give it that little boost. Vitamin C, while also cancer-fighting, decreases cell damage. Great sources other then citrus are strawberries, broccoli and spinach. Vitamin E can be found in nuts and seeds while Vitamin K in spinach, kale, green beans and lettuce. This is another reason I love One Love Organics. Their products have vitamins and nutrients in them so while I try and put those vitamins in my body, I also give it an extra boost by putting it on my skin as well.




Huh? Shape it! Literally use tools to help shape the contour of your face. I have started using this teardrop gua sha two to three times a week with my favorite clean face oil  (with vitamins by the way :-D) and I can see a difference. Your face has muscles! And you go to the gym don’t you? Maybe get a massage? Well your face needs that kind of TLC too. You probably have no idea how tightly you are holding everything during the workday or when you’re having a stressful time, and I personally know that when my TMJ gets bad? This is one of the only things that helps loosen my jaw muscles.

If you’re not into the quartz thing and don’t believe in its beauty benefits, okay, fine. But you can’t argue with the pressure and massaging aspects the gua sha can provide. Not into it? Try cupping! I’ve tried and it and actually really like it. I don’t do it regularly but when I feel like my face needs a little extra juice and waking up, I put a little of my face oil on, grab the suction cups and start working in an upwards motion. It just helps bring the blood to the surface and makes it look brighter and younger instantly.

But caution! Keep the suction cup moving. This is not like cupping for athletes, and you will have a circle on your face if you aren’t careful.


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