We’ve had a few birthdays around here lately. I turned 30 just a few months ago and the blog turns 2 this week! And while I haven’t had any work done, the blog did get a little facelift 🙂 and if I must say, it looks gooooooooood! 

I continue to learn so much in all of this as well as continue to love everything it entails. I dove right in at the beginning telling myself that if I didn’t know how, I would figure it out. And I did! I loved going through the evolutions of site layouts, looks, the organization, etc. But after the first year I knew that there was only so much that I could do on my own. Then Trek Your Market reached out, and it was like kismet! After a few months of talks, email exchanges, pinterest inspo boards, etc. when I saw the final product, I know it was tooooootally meant to be! I am so excited for you all to experience the new look of Keegan Michelle and all the fun content I have planned for the future. 

But I also wanted to take a second and talk about the stuff that people don’t always talk about; the negative connotations that come with terms like “influencer”, or “blogger”. I know them because until I did my research, it’s things that I thought as well, and to be perfectly honest, it’s what some people (cough cough in my family cough) still think! That it’s just a reason for girls to take pictures of themselves, that this isn’t a “real job”, that it’s adding “spam” to everyone’s feed (this last one I have actually had someone say to my face :-/) 

All I have to say is that it is sooooo much more than you think! And whenever you see a blogger post something in their feed, it has likely been planned, negotiated, produced, and well thought-out. If you feel like someone is being spam-like, then unfollow! I have! There are plenty of people that post about something that you are fairly certain they have never used before but just post for the #ad. We need to take responsibility for our interaction with each other on social media; so if you don’t enjoy someone’s content on social media, unfollow. Easy! 

Something that happens unconsciously is those influencers that make their work feel organic, and seamless, and not like spam. Not only is it because they are good at what they do, but likely because they are being honest and genuine. I can’t tell you how many emails I have gotten from teeth whitening products asking me to promote their products… but taking that product, trying it and posting about it in my opinion wouldn’t be genuine and that’s not why I’m doing this. Now, I’m not claiming that I’m so good at what I do, because I have definite doubts about that on a daily basis, but I do know that everything that I do is 100% genuine and honest. 

Sure, I don’t have as many likes as someone else, or followers as another, but it is moments like this where I get to unveil something that I am so proud and excited about that makes those potential insecurities a little less important. This redesign is pretty much three years in the making. I knew I wanted to get to a point where this would happen and need to happen, and after 1 year of planning, and 2 years of executing, I am still so proud of everything I’m putting out here and I hope that you enjoy it enough for me to keep going for years to come.

So if you have an idea, a goal or a plan that people doubt or scoff at… poor them. Don’t let someone else deter you from what you know you can do, and do well. When people doubt something, it’s probably because they don’t understand it, and you can educate them with your success 🙂 Second-guessing is normal! It happens to me on a weekly (cough cough daily) basis, but that’s not what’s most important. It’s how keep going that matters most.

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