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Because the world is too big to stay in one place for too long 



I may be biased. My husband proposed on this trip, so Santorini will always hold a special place in my heart 

Hotel: Iconic Santorini 

I cannot rave more about this hotel. The staff was unbelievably kind and helpful, so much so that they basically planned the proposal with my husband! The restaurant has a chef that cooks so fresh and seasonal, that if you have something you want for dinner all you have to do is tell him what you want in the morning and he will get the ingredients from the market that morning. Delish! The pool is also one of those iconic cave pools that you see all over social media, and the views?? Well, you really can't beat it. 

A lot of these pictures that you see of us in athletic gear is on our hike from Fira to Oia. It was amazing because you got to see the entire essentially that entire half of the island. At one point in the walk, the trail narrows and you look left and see one side of the island and the bay, and on the other side is the other water and other side of the island. Then at the end of the hike is the touristy Oia where you can shop, find a good restaurant, and end in Amoudi Bay. One of my favorite spots, where you hike down the stairs to get to the bottom of the Bay and can take donkeys back to the top! You can't get more Greek than that. 



I know, it doesn't sound glamorous. But having lived in Detroit for the past year, it has pleasantly surprised me, and several times! Not only does it have amazing character, but amazing beauty as well. People forget that Michigan is surrounded by some of the largest lakes in the country! And Detroit is on the water facing Canada and one of those lakes. The beauty in Detroit doesn't just come from nature, but from the artists. Just google 'Detroit graffiti' and you will find some amazing articles (like this one) listing some of the best city graffiti that will truly stun! If you are interested in art, skip the museums and come to Detroit and see what the city-scape has to offer. 

Eastern Market: downtown Detroit's premiere farmers market, and I have to say, one of my favorites that I have ever visited! 





When it comes to outdoor activities and hiking, you can't beat Banff National Park. My husband and I came here on our honeymoon and started planning our trip back before the plane landed back home. 

For more info head on over to my articles for Lake Effect Co. both about Lake Louise and its surrounding hikes, as well as Lake Moraine. 



I didn't want to leave, literally. I think I went into a depression when we got home. We stayed at Eden Rock on the North side of the island. We absolutely loved it because it had its own secluded beach, was never too crowded, and gave the perfect view for a romantic dinner. Or a romantic breakfast! Heck... a romantic walk on the beach! 

Don't miss out on renting a jeep and driving around the island. It was such a great way to see everything and you can't beat the weather! 

Jimmy Buffet's view wasn't that bad either. On the south side of the island at the port you can find his go-to cheeseburger join. And he was right. It was a "Cheeseburger In Paradise". But don't expect a fancy restaurant. Hole-in-the-wall burger joints may have started at this restaurant.