I never thought that I would find so many ways to wear this coat, to be perfectly honest. I thought that it would be something I would just wear to nicer events, but it turns out, it’s harder to to find outfits that I can’t wear it with than ones that I can! From casual (like the pics below) or fancier with some heels, this kind of coat is the perfect one for this time of year. I hate wearing coats that cover up my style, so keep the style going with your outerwear.

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I got this coat last year during Black Friday deals and I have worn the tail off of it!! And it must still be popular because they still have it for sale. But personally I cannot imagine a retailer not wanting to sell this because THIS, this is the color of fall! Maybe I just haven’t paid attention in the past but this camel/caramel color in combo with blacks is everywhere right now and I am loving it! So either I was early to the trend or just a little oblivious… I’ll let you decide.

This coat is the perfect blend of casual, stylish, and also professional. Even if you get one that’s the “dad coat” cut, it’s still super easy to pair with workwear, but, if you prefer, it also goes great with leggings and tennis shoes for a casual weekend look.

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Remember when I said that this coat is super versatile? Well, my dad did teach me to never say anything I couldn’t back up with proof 🙂

So whether you’re waiting for fall, or you’re already feeling the chill of the season, check out all of these coats that will not only keep you warm but keep your style going strong this fall!

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