You can have your watch, and wear it too! 

Or… something like that. 




I found myself not wearing my apple watch every day (like I had originally planned) because of the bands. Some are okay, but there are some outfits and scenarios where I just don’t want something that big on my wrist. I tried different bands, looked around for other ideas, and didn’t find much! 

But then…

I came across this brand on Pinterest! This article that was describing this new company that was changing the way we will wear our Apple Watches. After digging in a little bit more I couldn’t believe that more people hadn’t heard about them! Well, let’s spread the word people! 






I have now gotten in the habit of converting the watch almost every night into this necklace. And guess what! They have more products coming soon! I am so excited to continue to share this collaboration with you and let you know about all the cool things they’re up to. Keep an eye out! More to come soon. 


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