The Gaines family made it… so obviously it’s awesome 

When I heard that Chip and Joanna were making a line with Target, it was cause for celebration. And man, do they know how to time their launches! These holiday months are ones that include more hosting and family dinners than we care to count. And when I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner with my parents and my in-laws, I quickly realized that it’s about more than just the cooking. They say that presentation is everything, and now I totally get it.

Let’s throw it back to my first Thanksgiving three years ago.






… I think I did a pretty good job!

Oddly enough I’m not entertaining anyone this year for Thanksgiving. Sorry, not ‘oddly’, thankfully! But I still wanted to try the Hearth + Hand products and you can never waste time tablescaping. 

When it comes to interior design I’m really into contrasts. Dark walls with light artwork and furniture. I’ve always had just plain white plates, everything is white! I opened up my cabinets holding all our plates and bowls and was utterly bored. There was nothing fun in there! Whatsoever. So I took to update my cabinets… and my dining room table. 



FullSizeRender-2 2.jpg



Dark colors help make everything feel a little more modern and cozy. Plus with the dark colors you won’t need to fill the table too much more with other decor otherwise you’ll overload it. I love the mix of the black bowls, with the light bowls as well as the dark green glasses and the light table runner. And Hearth and Hand does an awesome job offering everything that you would need to outfit your Thanksgiving table and beyond! 

I love this footed serving board! I think it’s also going to be great for countertop decor once the holidays are over. 



FullSizeRender-4 2.jpg


The pillows were perfect for the corner of our nook. I added in my favorite McGee & Co pillow (shop below) to balance out the colors. 


FullSizeRender-3 2.jpg


So whether you are hosting Thanksgiving, or just want to up your tablescaping game and holiday decor, head to Target NOW because Hearth and Hand has everything you could possible need (and want). 


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png