Although I have about a bajillion sweaters, I always wear the same few in rotation. Which begs the question why I keep buying more sweaters?? It may be best if we don’t pull on that thread :-/

If you are unlike me and, in fact, do need some more sweaters, here are my favorites that, yes, I do wear on rotation. Whether it’s because they are oversized, soft, or stylish, they’ve all got a special place in my heart <3 and closet!


Here are some other sweaters that I’ve been loving lately!






It’s that time of year! Plenty of posts on Nordstrom Anniversary sales out there, so if you’re reading this… I appreciate your time and dedication to this cause 😀 

I love fashion, I love sales, and getting things at a great price, so this is like Christmas morning for me! Another fun part of this sale is that it gets me SUPER excited for fall fashion. Sweaters, boots, scarves, everything! Because even though I own way too many sweaters already… if they’re on sale, it doesn’t count right? 

Shop my top picks in the categories below for not only amazing savings, but also some great pieces to have for fall!! You’ll be seeing me sporting a few of them in the future 🙂 

Sweaters are a staple for me in the fall and winter, but lately I have been trying to branch out in the color department. I realize all my sweaters were beige, maybe a few black ones, but almost zero color! So look out everyone! We’re getting crazy this year… and by crazy I mean some merlot and army greens in the mix. I love all of these picks for fall because they are perfect staple that can be worn over and over and styled in so many different ways. 


I have realized that my pants/skirts game has been pretty weak when it comes to fall fashion. I usually rely on my torn jeans, and not that they’re amazing, and not that you don’t need another pair 🙂 but this sale has some great options that I would love to style this fall! They are great options to keep it casual, maybe with some simple sneakers, and even style it up a bit with some simple pumps! 

Options are great to have, aren’t they?


Now, while sometimes I fight the need to wear a jacket, as I’ve grown up it has turned from a necessity of survival (living in the midwest) as well as a fashion statement. The best thing about fall is that you can get away with a light and really cute one! No parka’s necessary… yet. So check out these awesome jacket options that will keep your fall game strong, and warm! 


Shoes, oh my gosh, shoes! 

There is nothing better than a cute bootie. I firmly believe that booties are the most necessary part to a fall/winter wardrobe. If you don’t have 2-3 pairs that you have on rotation throughout the fall and winter? Now is the time to do so! Now, check out these beauties 🙂 


Accessories are not something to be forgotten in this time of fashion. Whether it’s a good bag, or a scarf that you can wear with anything, I find a good accessory can be the cherry on top to a great outfit. And maybe your outfit feels a little simple? Add that blanket scarf you got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Now you’re good to go 😀 

Need I say more? 






I’m a sucker for a good jumpsuit and a longline sweater 




I love this look for this time of year because it’s a great way to fancy up your outfit a bit, but not freeze your butt off! This sweater jacket is incredibly warm. I wore it a few weeks ago in Minnesota when it was freezing, and I was surprisingly comfortable. 


And the jumpsuit? Well this piece is beyond versatile and can be worn in so many ways plus could be adorable this spring too! Pair with a cute pair of colorful pumps and duster jacket, and you are good to go! But for now… this is the perfect combo that I’m going to stick with 





One of my favorite things about this sweater is the longline fitting. I mention this style in previous posts but this is such a flattering style, that I just keep purchasing. I’m more on the pear-shape when it comes to my posterior :-O so these styles that hide those features are a huge hit in my household. It’s also a great style to pair with this jumpsuit because of the short leg style. If you pair it with a jacket that’s too short, you could cut off your whole body and the outfit could make you look shorter and wider than you’d like. 


But the shorter legs, mean you can show off some new pumps that you got and have been dying to wear! You know the ones 😉 





Right now Madewell is having an amazing sale too! 20% off of a purchase $100 or more, and 30% off a purchase of $200 or more! That means that you could save almost $100 on this whole outfit! $100 dollars!! I mean, you could buy a whole other outfit with those savings. That’s the kind of math I like to do. 


So check out the links below to shop these exact pieces and get your savings and new favorites now! 





Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png





Welcome to the first of the trending series of the season! 

There are a few trends this season that are so prevalent, and so fantastic that I had to dedicate a post to each of them! Sometimes the ever-changing styles can be overwhelming. And sometimes a trend comes and goes before you ever realize it was in style! Well these are three that you’ll not only notice, but you’ll want to take part in






If you had told me a year ago that you would be seeing embroidery making a comeback, I would have brushed it off as a trend that I would want no part of. Who would have thought that what, at times, is a clothing detail used for bad holiday sweaters and overdone 90’s pieces would come back so strong, and so stylish?? As you can tell, not me! 

This fall you are seeing it everywhere! Sweaters, pants, jackets, SHOES, oh my! Now, I have talked about versatile pieces in the past. But these, aren’t exactly that. Sure they are amazing for the fall / winter season and a great way to amp your outfit, but most of these pieces may not be super seasonal-friendly. Meaning, most of these pieces you probably won’t be able to wear come spring-time. Now, jeans with a little detail? Totally! This jacket featured above? Uhhh, yeah! But most of the pieces you see out there, the sweaters, the dresses, and definitely the shoes, are pieces that you’ll want to keep in the colder months. 






But either way, they are pieces that you’ll wear the tail off of while you can! And my favorite part about this trend is that it is making otherwise simple styles exciting and fun! Let’s get real, who has a million pair of plain jeans in their closet? Y’all are definitely raising your hands. Don’t you sometimes wish there was one or two pairs in that crowd that stood out from the rest? That made your jeans and a tee, or sweater, outfit just a little bit more fun? 

Ta da! 






There are so many different styles out there that I beg of you to check out. Anthropologie, Free People, and Revolve have some doozies. Looking for something super affordable? Chic Wish has some good options as well. 

Definitely keep a look out on Instagram for more pictures on some pieces that I have acquired over the past few weeks on this trend. You’ll probably find a few that you think would look good in your closet 🙂 

The pieces I’ve been drawn to are mostly on the low-key side of embroidery. Nothing too overdone, too covered in florals, and pieces that have the hits of decor that are noticeable but not overwhelming. If you’re looking for something that will stand out? A statement piece? There are plenty of dresses out there just waiting for you! This shirtdress is a great casual way to jump into the trend, and one that will work great come spring! 








The detail on the back of this dress is stunning! You’ll want to stare at it before wearing it. And if you’re lucky enough to live somewhere where it’s warm throughout the holiday season, this piece would be a perfect get for you! And a piece that you could wear all year round. 




Have I sold you yet? 

If not, check out a few of the looks that I put together based on these new trends. This outfit from Anthropologie is an amazing one for the weekend. Meeting a fun group for brunch? Throw this on and you’ll slay the last outfit you wore to brunch… which was probably yoga leggings! I paired this look with a killer pair of white booties for a funky feel and loved it. You could easily wear it with chucks, or even nude heels for a different feel. 





One of my favorite pieces that I’m so glad has been so popular this year is the jean skirt. And this one is a doozy! Sometimes jean skirts are heavy and stiff, making them more uncomfortable than you’d like to be when you’re wearing denim. But this skirt from Abercrombie is a soft denim and beyond flattering in the cut. Obviously a destroyed denim, but it doesn’t hug around the thighs, which is nice for someone shaped like me 😀 

The embroidery is great on a piece like this because you can wear it with something casual like a hoody and chucks and not feel too much like a little kid. It elevates the style and makes gives it that feminine kick you’ve been looking for! 



Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png


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I seemed to have found the perfect wall to go incognito in this outfit. 




Fall is one of my favorite seasons, and mostly because the army green and olive color trend is in full force. And I love it! It’s a great way to keep an outfit casual, but stylish at the same time. And this camo jacket? Fits all of those requirements. 



Shop the look at my LIKE TO KNOW IT page here







The first, is that it’s fall, the second is that it is still isn’t that chilly 





Don’t you ever run into the issue that you dress for fall, and then by 10 AM you’re sweating through the perfectly styled sweater? Ya, me too

This sweater dress is amazing because not only is it a lightweight material, but it is perfect for those days where you want to dress for fall, but know that the temps aren’t always cooperating. 

The color is simple enough that it is easy to pair with other great fall items too. I recently wore it with an oversized jean jacket and loved it! Plus, you could wear with sneakers and totally rock it. 





And another favorite aspect of this dress? The hi-lo cut. As someone who is (cough cough) pear-shaped, this cut in both tops and dresses is the best cut for me! It shows off some leg, but the hi-lo cut disguises just how pear-shaped I actually am :-O 





Shaker Hi Low Mini Dress | Callahan | $132

Jacy Stretch Sock Booty | Halogen | $120

Thalia Crossbody Bag | Sole Society | $50











This is the truth, not an exaggeration. 

I fully believe that if I had the merchandise in my closet, I could go a whole month wearing a sweater dress and not wear the same outfit or look once. These pieces are ones that you need to have in closet! And they are such versatile pieces that if you want to get one that’s a little more expensive, it would be well worth the investment. 






I live in cold-weather places. Like… frigid-weather places, at times. So sometimes comes the struggle of looking cute or fashionable, and not freezing your tootsies off. I mean, I love to bundle up but sometimes a parka and ear muffs don’t scream ‘style’. 

I bought a few sweater dresses from H&M last year which began my interest. Then one day I wore a grey turtleneck sweater with black tall booties… and the obsession grows. So this season I decided to try some new ones. 

*want an insider’s secret? If you look for things like this around the mid-summer months, odds are they will either be on sale, or you will be able to find some really cute styles for not-so-terrible prices. Now, you won’t have the most recent styles of this piece, but you’d be able to adjust how you wear them easily enough that you won’t have any regrets.





Sweatshirts and sneakers? Ummm, yes please! I love these looks for the weekend. Whether it is for brunch, you want to look cute while running errands, or visiting friends, this is the beyond perfect look! And you can change it up! Same dress, different style! Who doesn’t love versatility? 

I really think I use that word too much :-/ 





I know I have a ton more of these pieces in my closet, so I am positive that you will see more of these styles on the blog soon! Whether they are colorful, neutral, simple, styled, turtleneck, or hoody, you’ll be able to see them all here! And I cannot wait to share them with you. 





Keep an eye out! You won’t want to miss a post 🙂   



Yes, it’s just that good 



I cannot tell you how much I love this vest. Not only is it the best item to keep you warm in these coming fall months, but it is also beyond adorable! 

I find myself wearing too many dark colors in the cold weather and this is a great way to snap out of that habit. 




This vest is on the heavier side, so definitely for when those temperatures begin to drop. But you won’t find yourself overwhelmed by wool! 

I loved pairing it with jeans and a complimentary white sweater. I think it could be really cute to pair it with a contrast and put a plaid button down underneath? So excited to find more ways to wear this! 




Breese Vest with Faux Sherpa Lining  | Soft Joie | $147 

Asos Sweater | H&M | $29

‘Royale’ Bootie | Free People | $198




For full outfit details head on over to my LIKE TO KNOW IT page for all the deets you want to know!







Another reason I love fall… boot season! 

And boots have become so diverse! It isn’t just the flat brown leather boots, it’s knee-high, over-the-knee, leather, suede, heel, wedge, low booties, and high booties! Woof, I need a breath! High rise booties are super popular right now and I’m digging it. 




There is a feminine touch to these styles that other short cut booties don’t have. While I still love the other style, I find that these are much more flattering on short skirts and any bottom style that might show a little more leg than your standard pant. 

That means they are also incredibly comfortable for these fall months. Those months where it is in the 50’s one day, and 85 degrees the next. Or… 50 degrees in the morning and 80 degrees by the afternoon! These pieces are the perfect choice to add to your closet to get you through the early fall days where you almost feel a little silly wearing the prototypical brown leather boots. 

We can save those for a later date…



This has become one of my favorites looks for so many reasons, and one of them is the versatility. I could wear it to brunch, a casual coffee date, or date night with the Mr.! 

The denim skirt screams casual, as does the distressed detail of the sweater. But the look in its entirety is simple and classy enough that it can take you from any activity throughout the day. 

Well, maybe not the gym :-O





Booties | Revolve | ??

Pencil Skirt w/ Step Hem | 7 For All Mankind | $179

Cenix Knit | IRO JEANS | $121

Blush Fringe Mini Tote | Anthropologie | $98



Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 4.25.28 PM.png



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