Okay, so everything is on hiatus right now, but I am going to continue thinking positively and that we will be back to normal in no time. With that, if there are any beauty products or ideas that you want to try but didn’t want to be committed to it in public? Now’s the perfect time! Because unless you are worried about if your couch or dog will judge you, experiment away!


I find this time of year to be super important for sun protection. While it isn’t hot out you might be outside more than you think… or, you will be when the quarantine is over. Foundation with SPF is the greatest and easiest way to protect an area you know won’t be covered, and all of these I have tried and are great.


This time of year can be (or used to be) the most social, second to Summer. The sun is out, the temps are warming up, people want to get out! Now, I think that makeup remover is always one of the most important part of your beauty regimen, but this time of year when you may be wearing makeup more, can’t forget to take it off!


Everyone wants a little umf right?


Need to stuff off that dry winter skin? I use body scrubs at least once a week to keep my skin soft and moisturized, especially this time of year. It can also be great to use the day before you use any self tanner products.


speaking of… I never used to be big into self tanning and still am not completely. But every once in a while you need a little glow! I don’t get to take as many warm vacations as I get older so my skin loses its color really quickly. St. Tropez is by far my favorite and always looks super natural, and not streaky! But for goodness sakes please use an applying mit! If I have to see one more person with orange and blotchy hands….

And here are some other great beauty finds that I’ve tried in the past or think would be great for this time of year.



It is the time of year where everyone is either starting their wedding activities, or getting engaged so thinking about their own wedding events. And this is often the most asked for content! My husband and I thought that our wedding season was going to be super slow this year and it is actually one of the busiest, so I’ll be shopping right along side all of you!

Spring weddings can be tricky, right? It isn’t “warm” out and when the sun goes down you could actually be pretty chilly. But the best part is the colors! I think that a Spring wedding is the perfect time to show some color, and Sp/Su 20 color trends are super fun; blush/rose, and pistachio. So I compiled a few great finds in that palette below, and all of these are under $100 as well. Another color trend is tangerine, but I am not huge on aggressive colors like that, but totally get the appeal! I included some of those finds below too!



Shop other fun trendy color finds here


A lot of people wonder whether or not you can wear black to a wedding, and to be honest I don’t see why not. I mean, most guys in suits are in black? But, in my opinion there are a few caveats to it:

  • make it fun + flirty! Especially in the Spring and Summer you should be wearing light and fun designs and incorporate materials like lace to keep it fun. The style can convey this too! Something like a fun cut, or a flirty ribbon around the waist. I love the ones below!

  • Jumpsuits are a great way to keep the outfit wedding-appropriate. I think any event fancier than cocktail attire you might want to reconsider, but I think that jumpsuits are totally appropriate for all others.

  • Pair colorful accessories! Do not dull your outfit down with a dark clutch or heels for a warm-weather wedding!! PLEASE!!! Add a pop of color in your shoes, or a light shawl to stay warm. Black goes with just about everything so the options are endless!!

  • Note the dress code and ambience: if it is a beach wedding? Probably not the best choice. If it is super casual, also maybe not.

Shop some great finds below!








Clear bags, barrettes, ribbons and headbands, oh my!

There are other trends according to Vogue and Harpers Bazaar that will be making appearances this spring/summer season, however these trends are the ones that I feel like won’t make you look totally bazaar (haha get it?) when you don them at brunch. Don’t you feel like that most of the time you’re reading a high fashion magazine or see people’s insta-posts at fashion week? Like, “I would never wear that!” or “who would actually wear that in real life?”. I selectively choose which fashion trends are “real-life” acceptable, and ones that I even like! Just because it’s on-trend, doesn’t mean it looks good.

A few of these trends you have already seen ALL OVER Instagram and I think are soooo fantastic for Spring! The barrettes for example, I love the concept of keeping your hair back now that the sun is out. Show off that new tan! Soak up that vitamin D! I even kinda like the multiple barrette concept as well. Now… I’m not feeling the full-Dorit mode when I say ‘multiple’. Not that she’s not fabulous…. but I would probably just go with a scrunchy at this point!




I also think that hair color and length will dictate what style/color barrette you wear. On blondes I LOVE the pearls, on brunettes or “brondes”? Rose gold can really bring out those hues beautifully. I recently bought this pearled barrette from Revolve, and LOVE it, and know it will stand up to the constant opening and closing, but… $30 for one? Ehhhh, maybe not. Below are a slew of findings, from $3 to $30!

Also, is there an adult word for barrette? Every time I typed that I thought of those plastic ribbon things my mom would put in my hair when I was five-years-old.

Thank you, next!

The clear bag… I’m actually LOVING this!! Again, so light, so fresh, and easy to clean with a lysol wipe 😀 For me, the totally clear bag is a no-go. Meaning, there is no little pouch inside the plastic to actually hold my things. People don’t need to see the nonsense I have in my purse! What lady does?

Other than those going to a football game of course…

I also love how the plastic can grow with any color! You can go bright, layers, simple, white, tote, cross body, need I go on? Because I certainly can. Now, with those options also comes the different price-options. For something that might be “so last year” in a few months, do I want to spend $200 on it? Mmmmm, no thanks. So again, Amazon for the win! Shop these options below from $14 to $140, neutrals to colorful pops, small to large. Goldilocks is welcome here!

Another trend that is pretty versatile is ribbons. Yup, 2019 brings us barrettes and ribbons… should we be concerned?

Now, I’m not really a fan of wearing ribbons in my hair. I think if you have long hair and are wearing a low pony, if it’s a small ribbon that can flow with your low pony? That can be cute! But other ways can make you look like a kid. And I don’t know about you, but at (almost) 30, I’m all for looking younger… but not nine.

I also think that there are other ways to wear ribbons and scarves, not just in your hair. Adding a patterned scarf to your tote can make a once-simple and plain leather bag now a fun spring purse. There are even shoes now that don’t have just straps, but ribbons! Or how about we use a scarf as a headband? So there are still ways to be trendy even if you’re kind of ‘meh’ about the trend itself. I haven’t put links to shop this trend because I am fairly ‘meh’ about this one, but maybe I’ll compile some on my profile? Stay tuned!






I’m talking beige, cream, taupe, khaki, off-white, oh my!

This is seriously the most exciting fashion trend I have ever witnessed 🙂 and mostly because my closet is already SO on-trend 🙂 but completely unintentionally, I’m just a neutral-kinda-girl. And my favorite part is pairing neutrals together, so this Spring is going to be the best!

What’s also great is that the utility trend and the neutral trend can be one in the same! So by buying one piece you can hit two trends at the same time! These categories below I have compiled a few dozen of my favorite styles so far… but this won’t be it! Keep an eye out for more releases to make an appearance that will keep you in style and on trend.

Personally? I prefer a nice taupe after I have a good tan, so, I might be wearing the long sleeve neutrals until summer comes along and I can wash away this paleness! But until the sunshine decides to stick around, I love the cream colored sweaters, maybe a khaki jacket? Or for vacation pack some cream linen ankle pants to pair with just about anything!

Let’s check out some of our finds 🙂





Happy shopping!




This is legit my favorite time of year. I know that I’ve said that before about fall, but after some serious consideration, spring wins.

Think about it, how long has it been since you’ve seen green grass, or been able to stand outside for more than 10 minutes without being concerned about freezer burn on your face? As you look to the weeks ahead you get excited about the possibility of warmer temperatures, maybe the snow will start to melt and everything will start to thaw out, including your toes!

Ah, what a time to be alive!

And since this polar vortex has caused temporary hibernation I have had a lot of time to think about some things to get ready for this glorious season. Whether it’s some fashion choices, something for the home, or beauty picks, I think this list is a great place to start!



1 Terra Cotta Planters 2 Utility Jumpsuit 3 New artwork 4 Fresh & Beautiful Cookbook 5 Fresh Front Door 6 DP Hue color gloss 7 Classic button-down dress 8 Layering Pieces 9 Body Oil 10 Interior Greenery


  1. I think that Terra Cotta planters are just about the most beautiful thing ever! I know, weird… but the simple designs, the vintage feel with the material and shading/color can turn your kitchen or backyard space into a beautiful space ready for some warmer temps!

  2. What’s in? Utility everything!! I have seen some adorable utility/cargo jackets and pants, but what I think is just the COOLEST are the jumpsuits. It is so Top Gun maybe with a little kick of femininity with a lace white camisole or white tennis shoes. Is it spring yet!?!

  3. I’m obsessed with black and white photography, if I could I would cover every inch of our house in it, I would.

  4. Looking for some fresh seasonal recipes? This cookbook is not only delicious, having just eaten at their restaurant, but also beautiful! It’s a great piece to add to the open shelves in your kitchen, or maybe on your coffee table.

  5. I have really been into exterior home decor lately, particularly the front door. And there is no easier way to update that space than with a fun new doormat. I also love layering them! It’s a great way to update/change your front door feel with the seasons.

  6. Who likes getting their hair done… okay, who doesn’t. But the whole reason I started coloring my hair ombré and balayage was because it requires less trips to the salon. That’s why I LOVE this color boosting gloss , in just 3 – 20 minutes you can have a fresh color feel and have hair as glossy and bright as the spring weather.

  7. A classic LBD or tank top dress is a necessity for warmer weather. They are so easy to pack away in a suitcase, and so cute to pair with a straw hat and pair of sandals, or layer with a denim jacket?

  8. Now, we all know that spring can be fickle. Whether it’s the rain, or it’s just taking longer to show up than we would like, we still need to be able to layer a bit, that’s what layering pieces are so important to easily transition into this new season! This top is really cute with a duster jacket, jean jacket, or by itself with cute booties!

  9. Spending some time in the sun? Ya, me too, so you definitely need this body oil to keep your skin healthy and feeling good through the exposure.

  10. These could go in your new terra cotta planter! But I am in love with bringing green into the home. I feel like it adds such warmth and life without adding any dominating or overbearing colors and materials. Whether it’s a small guy like this one, or a fun new fig tree, let’s bring spring inside!

Check out all of my spring loves here!






This fall it was leopard, and while that doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere, snake prints have taken the #1 spot recently. Or maybe it’s tied.

And I’m not mad about it! I get really excited when i see a trend hit the market in so many ways, and at so many prices! I’ve loved seeing how other bloggers and influencers have been styling this print and all the ways that you can! Whether it’s simple, maybe with an accessory, a pair of shoes, or if you’re bold? A pair of pants? A cute skirt?

I posted this video on my feed with all the ways I love to style a favorite snake print skirt of mine from H&M, which at $15 you just cannot beat! So check out the video to see alllllll the ways, and then shop these skirts to pick that statement piece.

I think the part I love about picking just one piece in a bold print is that you can dictate just how bold the outfit turns out! Let me explain. With the skirts above for example, you could wear a simple top, some pumps and it would be a more bold outfit. Or? You could wear a light jacket with some chucks, so not only is it a more casual look, but the density of the jacket weighs the boldness of the skirt’s print down a bit. So if you’re worried that the print is too bold you can totally find ways to fuse it into your style.

How about a top? You could wear a jacket over it, a blazer, or keep the button-down open so there isn’t quite as much print visible at first glance! I actually am OBSESSED with this top in particular and have worn it a ton with a white bodysuit underneath and just tied it in front. So not only does that make it more casual but it also breaks up the print a bit because you can see more of the bodysuit. Spring is the perfect time to ease into bold prints, then maybe when summer comes around you could pair a cute little camisole with a pair of jeans? Ugh… I can’t wait for warmer weather.

Want to go even more subtle? I don’t blame you! A bold print can be scary! But check out these adorable shoes and accessories that can be that perfect little pop to finish an outfit. I absolutely LOVE the idea of these shoes maybe with a pair of mom jeans and a simple white tee? Too cute! Check out these options too.



Despite what the weather may say… here, it’s snowing. Cool. 


Keegan_Michelle-Blog-Russell-Heeter-Photography-220 (1).jpg


What’s the first thing when you think of spring? Sunny days? Crisp mornings? Birds chirping? Easter, even? Me? I think of flowers. Fresh, beautiful, flowers. Where we lived in Maryland when I was growing up was surrounded by trees and flowers. One of my strongest memories is walking down the stairs in the morning, every single window open, to be greeted by the refreshing scent and sight of newly bloomed flowers just outside our front door. 

Now, as an adult, that’s still my hope for every Spring morning. No matter how… un-Spring-like Spring might actually be here in Minnesota. But despite the unseasonal weather, I will continue to wear colors and florals until Spring arrives. Forcing the Spring mindset 🙂 


So if you crave colors and prints come March 21st like me, shop some of my favorite picks below!!



Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 12.45.30 PM.png


There’s nothing more feminine and flirty than a flowy floral dress when the sun comes out. And this season is when the invitations flood your inbox: bridal showers, engagement parties, baby showers, spring weddings, easter brunch, family gatherings… you name it. 

Rock those events in style! Spring style, specifically 🙂 


Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 12.43.47 PM.png



Now get to shopping! Whether it’s Easter brunch, a bridal shower, spring wedding, or just a girl’s night that you want to fancy up! These favorites will do just that 🙂 



Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 1.18.51 PM.png


Looking for something a little more, everyday? day of errands? casual friday? These pants are the perfect happy medium if you don’t want the florals to take over your whole outfit. I used to shy away from everything feminine (hence childhood tomboy). So when I started experimenting with prints, I started one article of clothing at a time. 

In the same boat? These pants are perfection! 


Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 12.43.47 PM.png



Whether you’re in the gym, at the grocery store, or on your way to date night, these picks are perfect for every occasion. 



Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 12.46.12 PM.png


If I’m not in workout gear I’m usually wearing jeans, and there’s nothing I love more than the contrast of a pair of boyfriend fit jeans and a cute and feminine floral top! These three are my top picks and all would look adorable with a torn pair f jeans and nude/white heels. 

Still have chilly(-ish) temperatures? I feel ya. Check out some cute lightweight jackets that’ll do just the trick! And keep those Spring vibes flowing… until the Spring temperatures catch up. 


Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 12.43.47 PM.png



Keep looking! Some great finds still to come! 






This is one of the biggest spring trends this year! 





Polka dots are everywhere! Adorable tops, flirty skirts, cute pants, but my favorite? The jumpsuits! I have always loved a great jumpsuit but there is something so feminine and cute about a polka dot jumpsuit. 

Spring is the perfect time of year for this style, too! A great way to fancy up your outfit, and so easy to pop a coat over to keep warm on those not-so-springy days. And let’s be honest. Right now my legs are so pale I’d rather not expose anyone to seeing that in a skirt :-O 







The cutest thing about this jumpsuit is that the polka dots are actually little hearts! So cute! And the t-shirt detail is perfect for spring too. Just casual enough it could be perfect for a girlfriend brunch, but also great with pumps for a fun date night, too. 

I paired it with my go-to pair of white Sam Edelman pumps because… well… they go with everything. I can’t tell you how many times I have worn these heels! I love them for spring and summer too because sometimes the black pumps are just too heavy. I like keeping the colors light and fresh during the warmer months and these heels are the perfect way to do that. Whether it’s with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt or a jumpsuit like this one! So many options. 







There are so many adorable jumpsuits out there that are hitting the mark on this polka dot trend. Different size dots, color, fit of the jumpsuit, so many adorable options for this season! Shop them below!! 





Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png