Sometimes you want to look cute, but still wear your favorite sneaks. 




I am all about comfort. So when I saw the trend of sweatshirts coming into style and new designs, I was all over it. Some that I have found are so cute and feminine, so you have more options than a tradition hoody. Yay! 

I have to admit, I was not the one who found these sneakers. My friend (and bridesmaid) got a pair and I immediately fell in love. Not only the color but the style! Check them out on Nordstrom because they have several colors to suit your fancy. 

This has become my go-to outfit for travel too. The sneakers are awesome because they’re super easy to slip on without untying (me – 1, TSA – 0) and the sweatshirt is so soft and comfortable it makes the tight airplane seats feel like they might resemble something towards comfortable. 

Blush is not going anywhere people! If you haven’t jumped on the blush bandwagon… get to jumpin’. I’m telling you everything from winter coats, sweaters, shoes, this color trend is hot. And I love it! Winter will be a great time for this color because styles will darken it a bit to give it a dusty-rose tint which is a great way to subtly add some color to your outfit. 

In conclusion: sweatshirts and sneakers are cute again, and everyone should invest in blush 🙂 



Bre Sweatshirt | Project Social T | $58 

AEO Denim X High Rise Jegging | American Eagle | $29.99 

Steve Madden Lancer Sneaker | Nordstrom | $69.95