This time of year is super overwhelming, right? And no, not just the social obligations, not the festive RSVP’s, or the number of gifts you have to get, but the expense!! As if your flight home wasn’t expensive enough!

This is a guide with some GREAT gift ideas for just under $50. But make sure to check out some of your favorite retailers. They often have price-restriction gift guides as well.




Yes, I made that term up.

BUT pretty sure a while back the term “fashionista” was bizarre, too! I mean, Webster is adding words every day, so why not?

To me, a Kitchenista isn’t just a cook or a baker, but it’s someone who loves their kitchen! Loves spending time in it, designing it, decorating it, and yes, probably cooking in it! So I’ve compiled all things that I think this group would love! Things that make your kitchen look like something out of a Fixer Upper episode, but things you can also use!

You know, for all that cooking and baking you do 😛