January at the gym is like finals week in college. You’re in the lecture hall about to take your exam, you look around and think to yourself “where did all of these people come from?”.

With your resolutions might come some new purchases to get you feeling good in the gym. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t work out better when they feel like their outfit looks cute! But a part of your fitness resolution doesn’t have to be to break the bank on those new pair of leggings. After years of trying TONS of different activewear brands (and working for one of the biggest!) I have found some amazing finds from some super affordable places. Now, you can have several different gym looks instead of just one pair of black leggings that took a whole paycheck to pay for! As much as we all love black leggings…




I have found Fabletis to be one of my go-to brands these days. I am very particular about the type of fabric in my workout gear because we all know that there are some that are affordable, but they are so thin that you know they won’t last long! Well Fabletics has some of the best feeling leggings I have ever tried. And same with Target, which I still get a hit and miss occasionally, but there have been some pieces that are now regulars in my routine! I think with places like Target, or any retailer that carries different brands, the trick is finding the brands within those retailers that you like, and stick with them! For example, I know that most Joy Lab products from Target are going to be pretty good so I tend to shop that brand the most.

Shop the links below to get some super affordable gym pieces to get you feeling good during those new workouts of yours 🙂


Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 1.12.37 PM.png



Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 1.12.59 PM.png



Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 1.13.13 PM.png







Athleisure at its finest. 





I mean, who doesn’t live in leggings these days!? And who doesn’t get excited when they find a new favorite style and brand? 

And if only we bought our leggings only out of necessity. If we did, then I wouldn’t have 25 pairs of black leggings in my closet right now. But, nonetheless I do! And thank goodness! 

A few years ago I first saw the ad for Kate Hudson’s Fabletics, and, well, it’s Kate Hudson! I think that was probably 80% of the reason that I made my first purchase from Fabletics. But now? I go back for the style and the quality.






And believe it or not, the styles just keep getting better! And the quality? It’s still amazing! But these days people are very aware of prices and very stunned when they see some of these athletic brands sticker numbers! Because variety in your closet is everything, people want to be able to afford several different styles without breaking the bank. And Fabletics is the perfect place for that. Scroll to the end to learn about the VIP pricing structure. 

The quality is similar to some of the most high end athletic brands out there, and the prices are ones you will want to keep coming back for. And the styles? If you’re looking for simple, blacks and grays but cute? This is your place. If you’re looking for adorable prints and colors in a great fit? Yup! Still here. 






I wrote another article about how to layer in the winter and stay stylish to and from the gym. It’s that horrible time of year where you need a sweatshirt a jacket and a parka just for your walk from the car into the gym, and then a machine to take those layers off before you start to sweat. I love the jackets and pieces at Fabletics because (again, the prices) the styles and weight are just right to layer underneath a coat for this weather, and will be excellent for the spring when you need just a little something to go outside. 

This jacket has an adorable longline style with an added sporty factor with the mesh detail. It is something you can wear to and from the gym, but also after yoga on the weekends to bruch with your girlfriends. Check out this jacket in the shopping list below as well as some of my other top picks available at Fabletics right now. 

As a heads up, pastels are going to be huge this Spring, as well as haute performance! So you’re going to see a lot of stylish gym gear all over! Not only are these styles perfect for that trend, but they are beautiful shades of pastel blush that will lead you into Spring in the most stylish of ways. 





Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png


Screen Shot 2017-12-31 at 6.59.21 PM.png

1. Charlee Pullover Hoodie 2.  Valetta Midi Sports Bra 3.  Seamless Printed Leggings  4.  Saoirse Sports Bra  5. Print Powerheld Legging 6.  Afina Jacket 7. Alba High Support Sports Bra 8.  Eugenia Coat 9.  Kinsley Jacket 10. Combination Mesh Sneaker 11. Salar Mesh Powerhold Legging 12.  The Cascade Quilted Tote 13.  The Row Backpack 14. Defense Lace Up Sneaker 15.  The Gym Hair Kit   


Interested in the VIP program? YOU SHOULD! At first I was skeptical because you do have to pay a monthly membership, but that is ONLY if you don’t buy anything that month! And even better? Every time you do buy something, you get credit points, which you can put towards future products. Just the other day I went to check out, the original total would have been $214… but with my VIP credit from previous purchases? It was only $79! And VIP members get special discounts on full outfits and other products too. Just check out the VIP price on all the products and you’ll totally understand why VIP savings are worth it. 




Move aside black leggings





I want you to go into your closet right now. Go into your closet and count the number of black leggings that you have in your closet. Plain. Black. Leggings. It’s a lot isn’t it? Me too! Do you ever get tired of them? I know, I know, they are clutch for pretty much every outfit that you wear on the weekends and after you get out of your 9-5 garb. But, sometimes don’t you wish it wasn’t a shelf full of just plain black fabric? 

I did. So I changed it. 

I went on a mission these past few months to find a few colorful pairs of leggings that I’d be able to pair with tons of my other work out gear. And these from Lulu Lemon are pretty much the answer to my prayers. 






And what’s even better is that I was able to make a whole outfit out of it! And it wasn’t too “matchy”. Which I hate. Lulu Lemon does such a great job each season sticking to the right patterns and colors that you can pair with solids and styles that make your outfit look like it was made for each other. You don’t have to go very far to find your perfect next gym outfit. 

Have a hard time justifying spending the $$ on Lulu? Ya, sometimes I do too. Well, stress no more! And keep an eye out for more posts where I will share with you my favorite other brands that are less expensive, but do not spare in quality or fashion. 

Stay tuned! 





Invigorate 7/8 Tights 

Refined Jacket 

Break Free Tank





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