I have grown to love this color!! I feel like I’m really branching out in my closet’s color scheme too. I have expanded from the beige area to a darker beige 🙂 how brave!

But seriously, this color coat I feel like has been popping up everywhere these past few months, and there are SO many ways to wear it! You know me… I need my pieces to be versatile, and this coat is beyond! I have worn it so many ways already and have come up with some killer looks to wear it in the future.

Click each picture to shop each outfit details, and keep scrolling for all my top camel-colored coat picks!



Screen Shot 2018-11-21 at 8.13.44 AM.png




She’s done it again! 

I promise when I set out to write these posts, I had no intention of documenting Meghan Markle’s greatest hits. But when she is (in my opinion) one of the most fashionable people either side of the Atlantic, well, it’s hard not to! A few weeks ago The Duchess stunned (again) in the pleated ensemble! Some say it’s a skirt, others are saying it’s a dress from Club Monaco, but either way it’s trendy, amazing, and totally achievable! 



When I was doing my research and heard that pleated skirts were going to be huge in Fall/Winter of 2018, I doubted it’s validity. But a few weeks ago I started seeing them everywhere! And as much as I was unsure of their styling capabilities, I’m actually loving them!! Not only are there so many different styles/colors/patterns out there, but the casual to fancy spectrum they live on? Amazing! 

I love this color block version Meghan Markle is wearing in the gallery above, and pairing it with a simple, solid blouse like hers is the perfect pairing! Fall would be a great time of year to pair a color block or patterned skirt with a simple sweater. But if you’re not a fan of the color block or patterns? Finding a staple solid color is still a great way to go and could be worn so many more ways! 


Click on this image to get the shopping links for this casual weekend look!

Click on this image to get the shopping links for this casual weekend look!

Click on this image to get all the shopping links for this date night look!

Click on this image to get all the shopping links for this date night look!

Click on this image to get all the shopping links for this look fit for a Duchess!

Click on this image to get all the shopping links for this look fit for a Duchess!


What’s great about these trends is that you can find them pretty much anywhere! Most of the skirts in the boutique below are $100 or (way) less! From places like Asos, H&M, even Forever21! I suggest looking at places like this instea of the more expensive shops for trends, especially if you’re not sure how much you’re going to like it! That way if you don’t end up wearing it a ton, you haven’t invested too much into that piece. 

I am partial to the first look, the nude skirt and neutral sweater/sweatshirt with tennis shoes. There is something so casual/sporty/flirty about this look it just hits every box that I would want it to! Who knew a coffee date could look so good :-/ 

Take a look at all of these skirt choices below! Wide range of prices, colors, and palettes, but all a great way to incorporate this trend into your fall wardrobe! 






The first installment of a new series! And one I’m very excited about: how to wear one piece of clothing in many (many) ways!

I love finding different ways to style one article of clothing. It makes me feel like I am getting full use out of my investment, and it’s a great way to keep your style looking fresh, without your closet being overly stuffed! We’ve all been there, I am spring cleaning and find three of the (almost) same exact sweaters. Why did I buy the other two again? What was the difference in all of them that I justified the purchase? Well, damage is done, lesson is learned. 

Now, I focus on buying less items, but wearing them in more ways!! This isn’t exactly a case of quality over quantity. And not saying that you should buy less items that are more expensive, but buying items of higher quality that can be worn in many ways! So really, it’s like quality alongside quantity!

For some reason I have always had a thing for white pant suits. ALWAYS! Since I was in high school I loved the classiness of them. I think I saw a picture of Jessica Alba in them once and ever since then… obsessed. So since high school I was on the search for the perfect pair! I wanted ones that were slimming, the right shade, and wide legged. The pair in these photo’s are from LC by Lauren Conrad and absolutely amazing, so if she ever comes out with these styles again, do not hesitate, purchase! But since they are no longer available I have pooled some other great options! 

I have a few of these articles coming talking about different items of clothing, and they happen to be items that Meghan Markle has recently sported. A few weeks ago, she wore this stunning and classy ensemble to Wimbledon and caught everyone’s eye… again! I love how she paired it with a simple, but preppy button-down making this outfit a bit more casual. 


Pairing it with a simple button-down is a great way to keep the look casual, but maybe even a little more professional! So if you have a work event, or maybe even just an event that you want to impress, but also need to be a little more reserved? I think this is a great way to go!

I love this look below with a simple chambray button-down. Great for summer and fall and a great way to keep a fancier item (like these pants) a little more casual and comfortable! I would pair this look with nude or black pumps and a simple clutch to keep the look clean and sleek. 






But if you are still in the summer vibes, there are some great top items that you can wear to keep these pants looking and feeling summery! This is also a chambray top, but a crop top tank top from Abercrombie. Now, these pants are VERY high rise, so there was no midriff situation, which I prefer for these pants. This top was great because it met right at the top of the pants making it an easy pick! I think a cute top like this, but in white, or a summer pattern would be another great pick! Again, a great way to keep this look light, casual, and perfect for our current season! 

I would pair this look with a pair of flat sandals, pairing it with a pair of heels would definitely fancy it up! 






These pants are a delicate style for fall. I love them, but some people don’t vibe on whites after the warmer months have past. I think if it’s closer to a cream shade, or an off-white then I say go for it! Anyone who follows strictly by the no-white-after-labor-day rule won’t like this next part :-O 

I paired this look with a distressed jean jacket, and a simple black bodysuit, but I think that a khaki longline jacket, trench coat, or trendy blazer would also look amazing!! Tweed is going to be huge this fall/winter (already seeing it out there!) so maybe play around with a few of those patterns when it comes to layering this upcoming season! 

Simple black pumps is totally the way to go with this look, as with many other looks with these pants! Seeing a simple pointed-toe peek out from underneath these pants is a great hint of style! Maybe try a color! Venture out! 






Now check out all of my white trouser finds below! There are tons of great options and many you can try without breaking the bank. 





Enter, my new obsession! 





I was never really into blazers, probably because I never had to wear business attire to work. At an athletic apparel company, you tend to be pretty casual. So suit pants and blazers were never anything I had to try or get into, which yes, is a good thing! But then I started noticing a trend… 

A few years ago the ‘boyfriend fit’ started to come back. It hit its peak in the 80’s, which may have just been the way that everything was made to fit, but we now call it the ‘boyfriend fit’. Meaning, it’s slightly oversized, but in a cute way! It started with jeans, then some t-shirts and button-downs, and then came blazers. And I am obsessing! Even if they aren’t oversized, the way blazers are cut these days is so much cuter and flattering than ever before. 

Now, this summer it seems that striped pattern is totally in! They are everywhere! And I’m loving it. It screams “Summer Fashionista arriving! Take note!! And be sure to ask her where she got her jacket”. 

What’s better? You can wear them in so many different ways! Fancy, professional, casual, laid back, but always ALWAYS chic :-). Below are all the links to some of the best striped blazers that I have found out there, and if you scroll even further are some great looks that are super easy and super versatile. Each outfit perfect for a different occasion that I’m sure you’ll run into this summer. 

Don’t miss these! And scroll down 😀 


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png



Click on any of the outfits below to shop the whole look! 












This trend isn’t new, but it has made a strong appearance these past six months! 




And I like it!! I like accessories that can make the outfit! Like the picture above, for example. All I’m wearing is a jean jacket and a white tee, but with the scarf? The style is elevated! All of a sudden my simple outfit is a super trendy, still casual, yet classy, outfit! 




I also love anything that I can wear several ways! If you’ve read any of my posts before this one, I use the word ‘versatile’ a lot. It makes, purchasing an item feel a little more justified, right? Like, “if I can wear this five different ways, then it’s like I’m buying 5 items for the price of 1!” 

I know you have that internal monologue sometimes when shopping! 




And whether you add this as a hair accessory, or add it to another accessory like a cross body bag or your tote, it’s a great way to add a pop of color! Y’all know me… neutrals, neutrals, neutrals! So if I need to get a little pop? This is a great way to do that without it being overwhelming! 




There are so many great scarves on the market right now that are so affordable! Even check out Target! And shop the links below for some of my favorite picks! 

A lot of these scarves and bandana’s are under $20!!!! Especially check out the ones at Urban Outfitters! Right now a few of them are “2-for” deals. Totally justified purchases 😉 







My favorite app on my phone 

You may have seen on many instagram and Facebook posts I talk about or I say things like ‘shop this look here..’ and then there’s a few jumbled letters. Not familiar with it? I’ll explain 

Like To Know It is a platform that has changed the world of marketing and social media influencers. It is an app that holds thousands of influencer’s content about shopping and home goods that, when you sign up, you can get all of the pertinent shopping information from those posts in your inbox. It’s ingenious! 




I found myself on the app all the time looking for good outfit ideas that I could either create from items I already owned, or for that finishing piece I had been racking my brain over! All the work is done for you on LIKEtoKNOWit, all you have to do is find the outfit or image that you like, double tap or screenshot that picture on instagram, and then go to your email inbox and find the links to those pieces that caught your eye! 

And it isn’t just designers or super expensive brands. If you want to search for items under $50 or even $100? Search the tag #ltkunder50 or #ltkunder100. Those are the tags that influencers use to indicate how affordable their outfit is. 





Here is a step by step ACCOUNT for how TO WORK LIKETOKNOWIT

 1. Download the LiketoKnowit App in the App Store 

2. Sign up on the app with your instagram name or just your email address 

3. Start shopping either on Instagram or on the app! 

          *If you’re shopping the app, you can find the links to the pictures right below the pictures! But if you still want to receive an email, like the picture of screenshot it in the app. 

          *If you’re shopping it on instagram, look for an image like below. Most influencers use the LikeToKnowit icon on the bottom right hand corner to indicate that it is a shopp-abble picture. If you like that picture or screenshot it, you will also get an email with the links to everything you’ll want to buy later 🙂 

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 8.26.01 AM.png


There are new uses to the app every day! Now, you can follow your favorite influencers within the app itself. Making it easier to open the app and shop just your favorites. See the images below for a step-by-step tutorial

Go into the LIKEtoKNOWit app and click the search icon in the bottom right corner, type in the influencer you want to see and tap the ‘follow’ button. That’s it! 




Now, you can shop all of those influencer’s posts live! Just by clicking the profile icon, the second one at the bottom 




So head on over to the App store now and get the app that will change your closet and your outlook on style forever! I know it has helped me in moments of need when I had no idea what to wear 🙂 We all have those moments, so let’s help each other! Download the app and start following some of your favorite influencers to stay in the loop of what they’re up to

Check out my LikeToKnowit page here