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noun: self-es·teem

‘a confidence in oneself’ syn: self-respect

When I first started writing this post I wrote it to be about confidence. But that word, ‘confidence’, is used in so many ways these days that it didn’t evoke the meaning that I wanted it to. Sometimes it has a negative connotation; being “over-confident” or having “too much” confidence. Or it’s used to describe how you feel about a an outfit or a presentation at work, which are both super important! But I wanted this article to be about something more, something deeper. 

I opened up this month with a post about mental health and how it has affected my life, and been affected over the years. With years of introspection, and constantly thinking about the causes and the catalysts I realized that there was one glaring consistency. My self-esteem. 

I noted before, the difference between confidence and self-esteem. Now, by definition you may not notice a big difference. And since I’m no expert, some may say that there technically isn’t a difference! But to me, there is. I would fight with myself knowing that I acted like a confident person, but didn’t feel it. I expressed confidence and I behaved with confidence almost every day! But self-esteem is a different story. To me, confidence is the everyday or situational behavior and feeling. That wasn’t what I was lacking, or what I was seeking. 

Self-esteem is deeper. It runs below your clothes, or the way you speak, or how you may feel in a room full of people. It’s self-respect, a confidence in yourself and your abilities. I didn’t respect myself, or my abilities, or anything that I had to offer. So to compound the issue, I then felt like my exterior confidence was phony! Like I was showing the world the wrong version of myself. 

My journey didn’t start like this. When my disorders started, they expressed themselves through orthorexia; obsessive healthy eating and over-exercising. I loved being healthy and exercising and I just took it way too far. Then after I graduated from college, started a job and a toxic relationship, it switched. It went from trying to take care of myself, to then punishing myself with food and depression. But enough about my story… now for the message I hope everyone hears. 

Self-esteem is synonymous with self-respect. But these days we are so consumed with what other people think, other people’s comments, the number of likes on a photo, or how our life appears to be, that we lose sight of what’s really important: how you feel about yourself. Respect what you have to offer, respect your qualities, love your flaws! Love and respect every quirk, and every crack. It’s those that make you who you are, and that’s the most powerful thing you have: being you. Because nobody else can do it!

Surround yourself with people that build you up, and not just by complimenting your outfit. But those people that build you up, support you, and the people that you know you can show your true self. Every quirky, flawed and cracked bit of yourself! Because I’ve been around the other kind of people, the kind that you portray confidence in public, but question your qualities in private. The kind that spend more time judging than appreciating. These, are not our people. 

So whatever term you want to put to it, self-esteem, confidence, self-respect, don’t let it go. And most importantly, don’t let other people take it away from you. Because your qualities and your quirks are exclusive to you, and you alone. And that is your super power! 

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I am a firm believer that you are what you eat. So that must mean I’m green, high in iron, calcium and vitamin C? I’m good with that! 






I got into the “green smoothie” trend five years ago when everyone in my family made a face when they saw the color of what I was drinking. Now, they’re the ones telling me what kind of smoothie they made for their breakfast. This is a trend I am happy to have everyone take part in! I mean, how can you not? They’re delicious, portable, and PACKED with vitamins and nutrients that help you feel your best. 

I have never done the meal replacement shakes that you mix with water in one of those shaker bottles. I tried one once, and that was it. It didn’t taste good, and I would much rather drink some fruits and vegetables with an added protein powder that I enjoy! These days people’s biggest issue with eating healthy is that they don’t have the time to prepare or find the right things to eat. Well, you can’t get any quicker than a blender. And most of them have smoothie settings these days, so one push of the button and you can still multitask while your meal is being prepared. There you go! Problem solved. 

But let’s get back to the good stuff, literally. All the good stuff that you can find in most of these smoothie recipes. When you go the “green” way, you’re likely opting for spinach or kale. Those dark leafy greens are packed with iron, fiber, antioxidants, vitamin C and vitamin K. I know! So much good stuff! My usual fruit accompaniments are: mango, pineapple or banana. I find that the flavor of those fruits balance the taste of the spinach and kale. But be careful if you’re opting for frozen fruit. Make sure to look and make sure there is zero added sugar. Fruit already has a good amount of natural sugar, so you don’t want to ruin a perfectly good recipe by choosing the wrong bag of frozen fruit. 

Another popular trend these days are Acai Bowls. And they’re delish! But you can also make them as smoothies at home. The reason Acai is known as a health food is the fact that this berry is jam-packed with antioxidants, vitamins A, C, and E as well as healthy fats like omega fatty acids (omega-3, -6, -9, stuff like that :-D). Plus, it tastes good! There are tons of great Acai powders on the market, but I have found an amazing Acai puree that I usually find at Whole Foods. It’s by Sambazon and they have a few different varieties, which makes these smoothies even quicker to make. Other things you can add with this puree or the flavor of Acai? I love: cherries, blueberries, raspberries plus some banana. Talk about a whop of antioxidants! 






A lot of people ask what liquids I use to blend my smoothies. Which is sometimes a forgotten ingredient in your smoothies and can make a huge different. I always tell people to opt out of the juice choice. By using juice alone, you could put a days worth of sugar into just one smoothie, and taking your taste buds down the sweet-tooth path for the rest of the day. My top two choices that I ALWAYS have in the house are unsweetened almond milk and coconut water. You can experiment with other milks like cashew milk, soy milk, or whatever you find tastes best and suits your digestive system. But there are so many good ones on the market you are bound to find the perfect match! I use almond milk for heavier recipes and ones that I want to taste a little “creamier”. I will use coconut water for smoothies that I want to taste a little sweeter and lighter. 

Now, this isn’t to say that I NEVER use juice in my smoothies, but sparingly. In my green smoothies that have pineapple or mango, I put a quick shot of pineapple juice in there, just for an extra little taste. In my acai or berry smoothies? I add a little pomegranate juice. Again, not a lot, no more than about 1/4 cup. And I always opt for the organic juices. Less preservatives, less added sugar, and more likely to come from the actual fruit itself! 

Now, last but not least: the protein. Don’t forget the protein! Having a healthy balance of protein to fat is a key factor to your diet as a whole, and in these smoothies it’s just as important. Without the protein you end up with a drink heavier in sugar, carbs, and fat. Now, they’re all healthy sugars, carbs, and fats, but you need the protein to build and repair tissues and muscles. My choice is always EBOOST. It is grass-fed whey, added probiotics and digestive enzymes, no artificial flavors, and no added sugar. Plus, IT’S DELICIOUS! Seriously, this protein powder is not the kind that will ruin your smoothie the second you add it. Because really, who wants to drink chalk? 






Now, let’s get to blending! 



1 cup spinach 

1/2 cup kale 

1/2 cucumber 

1/2 green apple 

1/2 cup frozen pineapple 

Wheatgrass – I get frozen wheatgrass shots from Whole foods and use one in this smoothie. You can find them with the frozen fruits and vegetables. 

Unsweetened Almond Milk 

a dash of pineapple juice 

1 scoop EBOOST Vanilla Prime Protein Powder




1/2 cup frozen cherries

1/4 cup frozen red grapes 

1/4 cup blueberries 

1 packet of Sambazon Acai Puree 

Unsweetened Almond Milk 

splash of pomegranate juice 

1 scoop EBOOST Chocolate Prime Protein Powder 




1/2 cup frozen mango 

1/2 cup frozen peaches 

1/2 peeled cucumber 

2 pitted dates 

Unsweetened Almond Milk 

splash of pineapple juice

1 scoop EBOOST Vanilla Prime Protein Powder

*I also like to put a pinch of Camu Powder in this one. Camu is packed with more natural Vitamin C than any other fruit on the planet :-O 



the hydrator

1 cup frozen watermelon 

1/2 peeled cucumber 

1/4 cup strawberries 

2 tbsp chia seeds 

Coconut Water 




1 cup kale 

1 stalk celery 

1/2 tsp fresh grated ginger 

the juice from 1/2 lemon 

1/2 green apple 

Coconut Water 

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There is so much more to your cravings than you know! Your body may be telling you something… 

You know the feeling. You’re sitting at home trying to wind down, and bam! All your brain can think about are the potato chips in your pantry calling your name. Something salty, or maybe something sweet? Or maybe all you want is… well, anything! You’re tired, you’re hungry and you can’t get your mind off of it? Welcome to your brain and body on cravings. 

There are deeper meanings to your cravings. Your body is smarter than you are! So it is forcing you to notice something that is missing in your diet, or your day. Or maybe it’s just your brain running away with you? Keep reading to find out what your cravings are telling you, and how to acquiesce to them without ruining your diet… or finishing that bag of potato chips in your cabinet (no offense Lay’s). 






Can’t get something salty off your mind? It’s one of the most common cravings out there. Pretzels, roasted/salted nuts, potato chips? Those pesky snacks that you crave and always look so appealing that just make you feel bloated and add WAY too much sodium than is worth it.

So why do you crave them? You are dehydrated! So your body craves something that will make you even thirstier and make you want to drink more water. I know, at first it seems a little backwards, but it works! Your body wants something savory to activate your salivary glands and hydrate you again. But it can also means that you have an electrolyte imbalance. 

Now, what to do? Instead of reaching for the bag of chips, grab your water bottle and guzzle. I mean it! Guzzle! Then wait 10 minutes and you won’t even remember what snacks you were looking for. You should also throw in some potassium-rich foods, which brings water to your cells and hydrates them. That would include foods like avocado and sweet potatoes (I know, twist my arm, right?)


For those who can’t quit that sweet-tooth; when you give in, you just want to keep giving. That’s the problem with sweets. The more you have, the more you want. So there usually isn’t just 1-2 bites to rid that sweet craving. In brain studies, sugar provides a hit to the brain’s opioid system as well as the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine. Essentially, it’s a reward for your brain! Which is why you want it so badly. 

So what to do? Try something naturally sweet, naturally occurring sugar that is also balanced in fiber as well as other nutrients, like fruit! It will trick your brain with the sweet(er) taste but without the dramatic spike in blood sugar. After doing this a few times you can rewire your sweet cravings, so in a few weeks you might not need that bag of candy! 


Late night snacker? I know the feeling, you get home from a long day at work and you’re so tired, that all you want to do is eat! Sit, watch your reality tv show (don’t deny it!) and snack away. This was one of my biggest issues when my eating disorder took a turn. I went from not eating anything to overeating, and bingeing because I was so tired (and unhappy, more on that below). So why does this happen? Doesn’t make sense, right? You’re tired, wouldn’t you be too tired to do anything?

Wrong! Your hormones that control your hunger are effected big time when your’e overtired. That means the your satiety levels are effected. So you really can’t tell if you’re full, or even if you’re hungry at all. Eating this late can also mess with your digestion and disrupt your sleep. And I want NOTHING to get in my way of a good night’s sleep. 

What to do, what to do… make sure to plan ahead and find a nice small snack that won’t overstuff you before bed. Or, simply distract yourself! Go straight to bed and read, or start another activity that will keep your mind distracted. Because that’s the trick, you aren’t actually hungry, your leptin and cortisol just can’t get back in control. 

But my personal favorite? Drink hot water with lemon. Not only does it help with digestion so you will feel better in the morning (see why here), but it will also give your stomach a little something to appease that “hunger” you feel. I usually drink it at night because there’s something to a warm beverage that calms me down. Like warm milk… but for adults! 


Now, for my biggest culprit of all. When I was at my worst, the sad days would exacerbate everything. When you have a bad day, your serotonin dopamine, and feel-good neurotransmitters act like anti depressants. So like when you’re overtired, your naturally occurring regulators can’t do their job! 

Now, not all of these comfort foods that you crave when you are down are unhealthy diet-wreckers, but a lot are! We try to use food as medicine, so all we need is a different “treatment”. Or, have a bad-mood back up plan! Have a snack, a drink, or an activity that you can do instead. I have found that meditating helps. I use The Headspace App, which disconnects me from that bad mood, and distracts me from everything that happened earlier. Not interested? Try the 30-minute rule. Because you act on the bad-mood cravings, set a 30-minute timer to do ANYTHING else, then see how you feel afterwards. 


Long-story short, sometimes you should give into your cravings. Sometimes you do need to indulge just a little bit to make yourself feel better. But sometimes, you can beat your cravings and you will feel better for it! You don’t have to let them control your actions, your mood, or even your diet! Listen to your cravings, know what they mean, and treat them in the healthiest way you can. It will make you feel tons better in the long run! 



May is Mental Health month, which I have found through the years to be the leader of your overall health. 

If your mind and heart are healthy, then your body can follow suit. But it is very difficult, maybe near impossible to have one without the other. And I have learned that through difficult, and very personal experience. But I am sharing that with you today because I find the openness of this topic to be so important. It is rarely spoken about but affects more people in your life than you can imagine. 

There are so many variations of mental health and so many ways in which it can effect and debilitate your life! I’ve been there. I’ve spoken about my eating disorders before, but what people many times forget is that mental health is beyond the consumption or non-consumption of food. It effects your happiness, your emotions, your self esteem, and can taint the relationships with those closest to you. There were days that I couldn’t get off of the couch, and not in the let’s-binge-watch-our-favorite-show kind of way. It effected my relationship with my family, my productivity at work, and who knows how many friendships! 

For me it took a few years for me to really acknowledge that there was something real happening that needed to be addressed. I started going to therapy, I ended a relationship that was LONG overdue and, in fact, was making everything worse, and I changed my job! All in an effort to get myself in a positive and better place. 

Don’t misunderstand this as saying these were quick fixes, or that those even exist. But they were changes that, in the long term, helped to alter my mindset and perspective. Therapy is a long process that helps even more every time you attend. And while the job change and relationships purge (:-D) helped, there was more deep down that was of a higher priority. And once that was addressed, other things are slowly allowed to fall into place. 

I always used to get frustrated when people would tell me “things will happen when they’re supposed to happen”, or “they’ll happen when you’re ready for (or open to) them”. I used to think that was hogwash (for lack of a better, or PG, term). These days it is a world of instant gratification. So, if I can have everything else at my fingertips and within minutes, why should this be any different? I learned the hard way. 

I cannot stress how important this next part is to my entire outlook on a positive mental health and outlook on your life. So pay attention! 

Changing your perspective on the world will change your world’s perspective. And no, that’s not just a cliche or a poster I read somewhere that thought would be useful in this post. I read this in a book years ago and have reminded of myself of it everyday! If you wish that better and more positive things would come your way, then go into every day being more positive! Because otherwise, you will have a negative outlook on everything, making those positive possibilities less likely, merely because you aren’t seeing them. They could be happening to you every day, but you’re just not paying enough positive attention. 

Less than a year after I made all of those changes in my life, I got a message on Facebook from someone from elementary school. Four months later, I went on a road trip to meet up with that person and have dinner. Three years later, we got married. Now, people can call it fate, they can call it whatever they want, but I know that if I hadn’t changed my job, started working on myself,  my happiness, and openness to these positive things in life, then none of this would have been possible. So everyone can now say “I told you so!” because the things that I was hoping for came to me when I was ready and open for them. No sooner. 

Now, does this mean that every day is sunshine and rainbows? Absolutely not! It is still a daily struggle and constant effort to keep all the work that I have done up until now from unravelling. And there is still more work to be done! New challenges in life will come up, new stages in life bringing new and scary opportunities. I have faced a ton of those these past few years; new cities, friends, jobs, opportunities! It would have been easy to sit quietly and let those pass me by. Probably a little less stressful too. But I’d rather be where I am today, then where I was five years ago. 

But like I said, mental health is about so much more these days than just one area of our lives. I am dedicating all of my posts this month to things that make me mentally and physically happy. Because with one, comes the other, right? 

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Despite what the magazine articles might say 

I’ve always been very open with my friends and family about my feelings and challenges with being healthy. So I’m going to do the same with you all. 

I suffered from several forms of eating disorders that began in college. And because of that, I have grown to find the true meaning of “healthy”. It isn’t staying within your daily limit of calories, or looking hot in a body con dress, or being the skinniest that you can be. It is about your body performing at its best, feeling its best, and optimizing your wellness and happiness. Unfortunately many times in today’s world, those things get pushed down the list of priorities. 

As women we are bombarded every day with influential information. Companies trying to influence us to buy their perfume or their skin care because it will make us look younger and smell fresher. Make up lines influencing us to think that we don’t look as good as we should and that if we buy their products, we will no longer look like we’ve been tired since the early 2000’s and solve more problems in your life. Now it’s even grocery stores trying to influence our buying habits to make it think that if we buy their spinach it will make us happier!! Our lives have been so intertwined with our purchases that we forget sometimes that we are not defined by them.

I used to be in that mindset. I would buy the products, read the magazine articles, and count my calories. It was a part of my daily routine. And because I was skinny, I thought I was doing the right thing! I didn’t know that a few years later, the culmination of all of that would put me in the hospital. 

Am I as skinny as I was back then? Definitely not. But am I healthier? Hell ya. And because of that, I’m happier. Sure, every now and then I think about if I should lose a few pounds, or start counting calories again. But then I look at my husband, my nephews, my family, and realize that they don’t love me because of my weight, or what dress I can fit into, or if I have a six-pack that I show off by lifting my shirt and taking a selfie in the mirror. 

So if you ever find yourself getting caught up in the craziness of what the market trends are telling us, forgive yourself. It’s human nature to want to listen. But then remind yourself of what you enjoy most, and I’m guessing it isn’t eating kale or worrying about your weight. But probably the time you spend with your family, your memories you have with your kids, or nieces and nephews. 

Be healthy. Be happy. Be smart about what you do, and what you eat. But don’t let it define you, or consume your life. Know that it’s not what is most important about you, but just a small detail. 


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Its that time of year 

You see everyone in boots, scarves, hats, and probably donning a Starbucks cup full of a pumpkin spice latte, coffee, scone, bread, you name it! But I’ve got to be honest, I prefer my pumpkin baked or roasted, and not with coffee beans. 




I bet you didn’t know that the Pumpkin is more than just a fall marketing ploy! I know… you mean, companies have exploited this nutritious food as a way to make a profit? Say it isn’t so! 

I started looking into it because I knew that pumpkin was used for dogs, when they have upset stomaches. And I had heard around the water cooler that it is starting to pick up speed being used as a recovery agent. So I started to do some digging. 

How else can we use pumpkins, other than creating a kick-ass front door display for Halloween? 

Well, I heard correctly. Pumpkin’s use as a recovery agent is widely under used. In fact, it beats the ever-popular banana when it comes to its levels of potassium. And that is why people walking out of gyms tend to be noshing on bananas, it restores electrolytes and reduces blood pressure. While I don’t expect to see you walking out of a gym eating a piece of pumpkin like a watermelon, I do have alternatives you can use. This time of year it is easy to find organic canned pumpkin, so if you don’t want to roast one yourself, you can throw 1/2 a cup of the canned pumpkin into your post workout smoothie to reap these benefits. 

Move over carrots! This orange jewel just took your place as the vision-boosting agent. Its vitamin A protects the surface of your eyes, which slows down any decline of retinal function. That 1/2 cup of pumpkin I mentioned to put in your smoothie? That right there is 100% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin A. Check that off your list! The beta carotene in pumpkin converts all of that Vitamin A into an anti-inflammatory agent, which is another reason why it helps with post-workouts but also reduces the risk of certain types of cancer. Inflammation has been linked to a lot of anatomical issues these days. 




As if those items previously mentioned weren’t enough, it is also an amazing source of fiber which promotes healthy digestion, as well as tryptophan. No, this won’t give you a wicked afternoon nap, but instead it improves the quality of your sleep and mood regulation. 

Use pumpkin to replace some other unhealthy ingredients in your recipes. Swap it with oil, or butter and not only will you add great taste but also nutrients with less fat and calories. 




For some awesome recipes to get these great health benefits you just read about? Check out my favorites here! 

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When life gives you lemons, squeeze them in your water… and enjoy! 




Are you trying to improve your health? Maybe lose weight? Well this is a trick that I have incorporated into my routine that I find can make a big difference. And it is probably one of the easiest tricks you’ll read about! 

Now, we all know we need to drink more water. We hear it all the time! But what happens you add a bit of lemon to it? And no, not the lemon you garnish your vodka-soda with on Thursday evenings… nice try! I mean, squeezing an entire half a lemon into your Nalgene water bottle! Cause guess what! That’s exactly what I do! 


TIP #1

If you don’t have a large 30 oz+ hefty water bottle that you can carry with you throughout your work day, and basically spend more time with than some of your loved ones? Get one! Even a Starbucks Tumblr! I kid you not! Having water easily accessible in that way can make all the difference. I find when I travel and forget my Nalgene, I don’t drink 1/3 of what I do when I have it with me. So go to Target! Get a fancy one! A cheap one! Anything! 

TIP #2

Buy 10 organic lemons from the grocery store. you know, those big guys! Not the teeny ones in those bulk bags that you get to decorate your bar cart. Although… that is a great decor tip 🙂 These big lemons can give you SO much more juice! I sometimes keep the already-squeezed halves because you never know how much more life you can get out of them. And lemons are so inexpensive, that a huge benefit is how far these will go. 10 can last you 2+ weeks!! 

So why are we doing this? What on earth is Keegan talking about!? 

Lemons have some surprising health benefits! And drinking them in water is a great way to incorporate those beauties into your health routine. What are those benefits? 






Your Immune System Gets a Buddy! 

The vitamin C in lemons is often overlooked because the orange seems to be more marketable. And there aren’t many ways people can “eat” lemons. But guess what? 1 lemon has 139% of the daily recommended vitamin C. So you can get over 70% of your daily recommended vitamin C just by drinking water. Plus? It has less than half the calories of oranges AND…. drumroll please… 1/9th the amount of sugar of an orange.  

Balances pH Levels

When I think of a lemon, I think of an acidic food! But when your body breaks it down, it actually have an incredibly alkaline effect. What does that mean? It means the pH levels are on the “basic” side which reduces your overall acidic levels in your body. Why is this a good thing? When your body’s pH level is more acidic, it is more prone to disease. 

Helps Digestions 

Because of the minerals in lemons and limes, it aids your liver to produce the necessary components to benefit your digestion. The minerals help release toxins and loosen them within the digestion tract which makes that process smoother. 

Weight Loss 

Along with the minerals that aid in digestions, its pectin fiber helps fight hunger cravings. I know that for me, personally if I have a sweet tooth, it disappears completely after I down just a few sips of my lemon-water. So not only is your body getting the necessary nutrients to help with this process, your taste buds are too! Less sugar can help everyone. 

Skin + Breath 

Breath? Well… duh! Before it is digested, the acidic form of lemon juice helps eliminate odor-causing bacteria. So it’s basically the most natural, sugar-free gum that’s not on the market! Going back to the high concentration of vitamin C, this and its other antioxidants help rude the appearance of wrinkles and the overall complexion of your skin. 





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It’s everywhere!! But what even is it?? 

It seems that anything that is green these days catches on. The trend of healthy drinks, juices, and teas isn’t going anywhere, but what are we even drinking? Matcha is one that has caught on in the past year and is now seen around the country. Unfortunately all places and versions of the drinks aren’t as healthy as the original. 




Take the Matcha Tea Latte at Starbucks for example, the smallest cup has 110+ calories and 14 g of sugar. So let’s see what we can get from the original matcha, shall we? Nothing added. 


I think the only thing that most people know about matcha is that it is green, and a tea. But what about it makes it so popular? Other than the marketing campaigns surrounding us. 

It is a finely processed powder from green tea leaves from particular green tea plants that are farmed for three extra weeks in the shade. There is something about this process that gives the powder more theanine and caffeine. As if that wasn’t enough, one cup of matcha tea has 10 times the antioxidant power than that of the equal amount of brewed green tea, and 15 times the amount of pomegranates and blueberries. 

The previously mentioned theanine, to me, is one of the most important attributes to this brew, that commonly goes unnoticed because it isn’t a typical vitamin or nutrient. It is an amino acid that reduces stress and promotes a state of relaxation. I think that we all know by now how dangerous stress can be, on so many parts of your health. 






Another reason why this tea is so much more powerful than its younger brother, green tea, is because the leaf is actually consumed. It is a powder from the leaf that is blended into the hot/cold water so when you are drinking a matcha beverage, you are drinking the processed tea leaf itself. Unlike green tea, where the leaves are brewed and soaked, thus getting some nutrients soaked out of them, but not everything. 

REPLACEMENT FOR MORNING COFFEE – many stores sell the individual matcha packets that make it easy to pour into hot or cold water. 

SMOOTHIE BOOST – looking for a nutrient boost to add to your daily smoothie, other than your usual protein powder? Again, because of the power-form of the matcha tea, it is an easy bit to add into your smoothie before blending. 

ADDING TO OTHER RECIPES – whether that be your morning oatmeal, muffins/scones, or even homemade ice cream! The options are endless. 

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I’m a millennial girl in a millennial world! 



I have tons of apps on my phone and at times I think that if i buy the right product or read the right book, I will magically be fixed. We all know that’s not the case. We can shop and read all day long, but nothing will change unless we do something of change 

I know, I’m getting deep. 

Many people find it overwhelming to not only eat healthy, but to cook healthy. There are so many websites, cooking shows, cookbooks (trust me, I know! I own them all). And at times we have too much information to act on. In this case, I believe that less is more. 

This summer I made a commitment. Instead of making several lists, containing all the recipes I would ever want to make, in many categories (I know, i have a problem), I aimed to simplify. And I used Pinterest to do it. You may not know this, but Pinterest is the most widely used social media platform out there. Ahead of twitter and Instagram. And I contribute to only, like, half of that data usage 😛 

Screen Shot 2017-07-26 at 9.34.05 AM.png

Use the secret boards! 

If you already do, awesome. If you think that’s strange, get over it! Create a secret board that will only ever have 4-5 recipes in it at one time. No one will see it, it’s just for you to organize the recipes that you want to make that week in one central location. 




Then every time you make one of them, move it over to your public board of yummy food, and mark it as tried! By the end of the week, the board will be empty! 

I cannot tell you how helpful this has been for me. Out of all of the different tools, books, lists, formats, everything, this has been the most helpful way of organizing my health and keeping my weekly wellness goals in check. And I don’t feel overwhelmed at all since it is a platform that I already use all… the… time! 

Here’s a peek into what my board looks like right now! Looks like it’s gonna be a great week