There are still holiday parties to come, hostess gifts to be had, and New Years festivities to begin!


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This time of year is super overwhelming, right? And no, not just the social obligations, not the festive RSVP’s, or the number of gifts you have to get, but the expense!! As if your flight home wasn’t expensive enough!

This is a guide with some GREAT gift ideas for just under $50. But make sure to check out some of your favorite retailers. They often have price-restriction gift guides as well.




Yes, I made that term up.

BUT pretty sure a while back the term “fashionista” was bizarre, too! I mean, Webster is adding words every day, so why not?

To me, a Kitchenista isn’t just a cook or a baker, but it’s someone who loves their kitchen! Loves spending time in it, designing it, decorating it, and yes, probably cooking in it! So I’ve compiled all things that I think this group would love! Things that make your kitchen look like something out of a Fixer Upper episode, but things you can also use!

You know, for all that cooking and baking you do 😛




If you’ve had your holiday shopping done for weeks… well, good for you! 

For the rest of us, we’re still thinking. And sometimes it’s harder for certain people. For me, I have the hardest time shopping for my sister. She and I are very similar in that we don’t want anything that we aren’t going to use. We don’t like excess. And I think that’s probably true for everyone in a way! You want to give someone a gift that they are actually going to use! 

So what do you get your fit friend that’s always at the gym? Ii’ve made a gift guide for you to brainstorm some ideas! 





First off, beauty products. I know, sounds weird when we’re talking about the gym, right? WRONG! 

I find that the beauty products are some of the most important pieces in my gym bag. During the summer, in particular, if I don’t clean my face after a long work out, I tend to break out, and my work to get rid of any of my blackheads? Oye, forget about it. 


Facial Towlettes – these are the quickest and easiest way to wash your face after a work out. And check the different kinds because sometimes they are just make-up removing. So you want to make sure they are actually cleansing wipes. I love the Burt’s Bee’s wipes! They are gently on your skin but leave you feeling clean and fresh after a nasty work out. 


Post-workout products – If you’re like me, you tend to stay warm after a work out for quite a while. I remember when I would shower immediately after a work out and heading to work and sitting at my desk wondering when I was going to cool down! My favorite favorite post work out moisturizer is the CliniqueFit Matte Moisturizer. It really does help calm down that oily post-workout skin! If you’re going to wear any makeup post work out, be careful that it doesn’t clog your pores. During a work out your pores are as open as they’re going to be! so if you put something on your face immediately after that work out, that foundation is going to settle right in there… not good! CliniqueFit also has some great workout products that don’t clog your pores and are meant for fit peeps like us! Check them out below 

Hair Ties – not only do you always need extra’s in your gym bag because… well, they tend to evaporate in this air! But you need really good ones too! I hate it when I have that kink in my hair from my hair tie and have to style my hair around that dreaded mess. The hair ties below from Invisibobble are the BEST! They don’t leave a kink and they hold your hair nice and tight! I have really thick hair and it does the trick! 

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png


Next is the most important for your health and wellness. The right nutrients! 

So many people spend hours in the gym a week but then eat the wrong nutrients before and after, therefore not even getting as much as they can out of their work out. In truth, you want the right protein before AND after a work out. I love Eboost for all of their products. But mostly because their protein powder is clean and effective but also tastes REALLY GOOD! 

Their energy powder also doesn’t give you jitters and won’t keep you up at night either. If travel a lot? They have 15 individual packs, easy to throw in your bag! Or if you want to try out a few different products, check out their gift box where you can try a bunch of their products without totally being committed. 

Do you ever feel like no matter how much water you drink you still aren’t hydrated? If you work out hard enough, there are certain nutrients that water just doesn’t put back! But I’m not really for Gatorade and their electrolyte products, but I do love Nooma! It’s organic, tastes great and only has the nutrients that you need to put back into your body after a good sweat. 

Although this isn’t exactly a “nutrient” that you are putting into your body, many times the external treatment of your muscles is just as important. There are times where I am so sore that I don’t think I can go on anymore! But Dr. Teal’s has saved me! And it’s a great excuse to soak in a bath with some peace and quiet 🙂 The pre and post work out bag is amazing for your muscles to restore your body to peak performance! 

Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png



Last, but certainly not least, the equipment! 

You’ve seen those rollers in the gym. The huge foam ones that people look ridiculous using? Well when you have the right equipment and know how to use it, these rollers are clutch for getting your muscles untangled. I threw my back out a few months ago and it turned out that I had a massive knot in my back that was getting everything out of wack. I used the massage ball on that knot and instantly felt relief along my entire back and lumbar. 

If you’re nervous you’re not going to use it right, ask a trainer or someone that you know is certified. PLEASE, make sure they are certified. They can show you just a few easy tricks to using this awesome equipment. 

My favorite brand is Trigger Point. I use their massage ball all the time and find that the shape and sturdiness of their equipment is exactly what I need for it to be effective. 

The last image on the “shop the post” below is an AWESOME gift set for a true gym-goer that anyone who stays active would LOVE to get as a gift. 

And you all know how I feel about bands, and how much I love them as fitness equipment. Check out this article on using mini bands and keep an eye out for a great workout using the professional grade bands. They are the perfect gift for someone who travels a lot but still wants a great work out! 


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png



So whether you are looking for a stocking stuffer, or putting together a gift basket for friend, these are excellent ideas that I know anyone who enjoys a good work out would thoroughly enjoy and absolutely use over and over and over and over…. 🙂 

Happy Holidays!