I think I’m in love



I cannot tell you how much I love these pants. I mean, I am going to try… but odds are I’m not going to do it justice. 

The joggers style has had a slow incline into the market. But when they hit, they blew up! It is one of the leading bottom styles on trend right now, right up there with high waisted wide-leg pants. And everyone carries them! I have three of the same pair, in different colors, from Gap. But if you wanted something a little more decadent? You can find styles like these as well! 

Part of the reason they are so popular is because of their fit. They are incredibly flattering, but also comfortable. They can be high waisted, athletic, fancy, cotton, athletic, or feminine floral! This is the greatest look for fall because of how well they pair with a denim jacket: my staple for this time of year. 




What I love about these particular joggers is that they have the athletic hit in the elastic ankles as well as the femininity in the floral design. The fabric is so flirty and light as well that it works great for this time of year when it’s not quite cold yet, but not warm enough to wear shorts. The pleats and the high rise design are also really flattering! I mean.. I could go on. 

The struggle I usually have with picking an outfit is figuring out how to dress up without being too dressed up. Going out to dinner and getting a little fancy without going over the top for date night. Do you ever have that dilemma? If so, these pants and their style are the answer. Joggers with a pretty sweater and heels, or a casual button-down and flats. There are so many options which is what makes these pants so amazing. And the best part? These pants are so trendy and stylish that the rest of the pieces in your outfit can be super simple! The work is already done for you! 





Girlfriend Denim Jacket  | Abercrombie | $88 

Dawn Pant | Alice & Olivia | $295

Trasure Pump | BCBGeneration | $49 ON SALE!



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