This is legit my favorite time of year. I know that I’ve said that before about fall, but after some serious consideration, spring wins.

Think about it, how long has it been since you’ve seen green grass, or been able to stand outside for more than 10 minutes without being concerned about freezer burn on your face? As you look to the weeks ahead you get excited about the possibility of warmer temperatures, maybe the snow will start to melt and everything will start to thaw out, including your toes!

Ah, what a time to be alive!

And since this polar vortex has caused temporary hibernation I have had a lot of time to think about some things to get ready for this glorious season. Whether it’s some fashion choices, something for the home, or beauty picks, I think this list is a great place to start!



1 Terra Cotta Planters 2 Utility Jumpsuit 3 New artwork 4 Fresh & Beautiful Cookbook 5 Fresh Front Door 6 DP Hue color gloss 7 Classic button-down dress 8 Layering Pieces 9 Body Oil 10 Interior Greenery


  1. I think that Terra Cotta planters are just about the most beautiful thing ever! I know, weird… but the simple designs, the vintage feel with the material and shading/color can turn your kitchen or backyard space into a beautiful space ready for some warmer temps!

  2. What’s in? Utility everything!! I have seen some adorable utility/cargo jackets and pants, but what I think is just the COOLEST are the jumpsuits. It is so Top Gun maybe with a little kick of femininity with a lace white camisole or white tennis shoes. Is it spring yet!?!

  3. I’m obsessed with black and white photography, if I could I would cover every inch of our house in it, I would.

  4. Looking for some fresh seasonal recipes? This cookbook is not only delicious, having just eaten at their restaurant, but also beautiful! It’s a great piece to add to the open shelves in your kitchen, or maybe on your coffee table.

  5. I have really been into exterior home decor lately, particularly the front door. And there is no easier way to update that space than with a fun new doormat. I also love layering them! It’s a great way to update/change your front door feel with the seasons.

  6. Who likes getting their hair done… okay, who doesn’t. But the whole reason I started coloring my hair ombré and balayage was because it requires less trips to the salon. That’s why I LOVE this color boosting gloss , in just 3 – 20 minutes you can have a fresh color feel and have hair as glossy and bright as the spring weather.

  7. A classic LBD or tank top dress is a necessity for warmer weather. They are so easy to pack away in a suitcase, and so cute to pair with a straw hat and pair of sandals, or layer with a denim jacket?

  8. Now, we all know that spring can be fickle. Whether it’s the rain, or it’s just taking longer to show up than we would like, we still need to be able to layer a bit, that’s what layering pieces are so important to easily transition into this new season! This top is really cute with a duster jacket, jean jacket, or by itself with cute booties!

  9. Spending some time in the sun? Ya, me too, so you definitely need this body oil to keep your skin healthy and feeling good through the exposure.

  10. These could go in your new terra cotta planter! But I am in love with bringing green into the home. I feel like it adds such warmth and life without adding any dominating or overbearing colors and materials. Whether it’s a small guy like this one, or a fun new fig tree, let’s bring spring inside!

Check out all of my spring loves here!






This fall it was leopard, and while that doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere, snake prints have taken the #1 spot recently. Or maybe it’s tied.

And I’m not mad about it! I get really excited when i see a trend hit the market in so many ways, and at so many prices! I’ve loved seeing how other bloggers and influencers have been styling this print and all the ways that you can! Whether it’s simple, maybe with an accessory, a pair of shoes, or if you’re bold? A pair of pants? A cute skirt?

I posted this video on my feed with all the ways I love to style a favorite snake print skirt of mine from H&M, which at $15 you just cannot beat! So check out the video to see alllllll the ways, and then shop these skirts to pick that statement piece.

I think the part I love about picking just one piece in a bold print is that you can dictate just how bold the outfit turns out! Let me explain. With the skirts above for example, you could wear a simple top, some pumps and it would be a more bold outfit. Or? You could wear a light jacket with some chucks, so not only is it a more casual look, but the density of the jacket weighs the boldness of the skirt’s print down a bit. So if you’re worried that the print is too bold you can totally find ways to fuse it into your style.

How about a top? You could wear a jacket over it, a blazer, or keep the button-down open so there isn’t quite as much print visible at first glance! I actually am OBSESSED with this top in particular and have worn it a ton with a white bodysuit underneath and just tied it in front. So not only does that make it more casual but it also breaks up the print a bit because you can see more of the bodysuit. Spring is the perfect time to ease into bold prints, then maybe when summer comes around you could pair a cute little camisole with a pair of jeans? Ugh… I can’t wait for warmer weather.

Want to go even more subtle? I don’t blame you! A bold print can be scary! But check out these adorable shoes and accessories that can be that perfect little pop to finish an outfit. I absolutely LOVE the idea of these shoes maybe with a pair of mom jeans and a simple white tee? Too cute! Check out these options too.






It’s that time of year! Plenty of posts on Nordstrom Anniversary sales out there, so if you’re reading this… I appreciate your time and dedication to this cause 😀 

I love fashion, I love sales, and getting things at a great price, so this is like Christmas morning for me! Another fun part of this sale is that it gets me SUPER excited for fall fashion. Sweaters, boots, scarves, everything! Because even though I own way too many sweaters already… if they’re on sale, it doesn’t count right? 

Shop my top picks in the categories below for not only amazing savings, but also some great pieces to have for fall!! You’ll be seeing me sporting a few of them in the future 🙂 

Sweaters are a staple for me in the fall and winter, but lately I have been trying to branch out in the color department. I realize all my sweaters were beige, maybe a few black ones, but almost zero color! So look out everyone! We’re getting crazy this year… and by crazy I mean some merlot and army greens in the mix. I love all of these picks for fall because they are perfect staple that can be worn over and over and styled in so many different ways. 


I have realized that my pants/skirts game has been pretty weak when it comes to fall fashion. I usually rely on my torn jeans, and not that they’re amazing, and not that you don’t need another pair 🙂 but this sale has some great options that I would love to style this fall! They are great options to keep it casual, maybe with some simple sneakers, and even style it up a bit with some simple pumps! 

Options are great to have, aren’t they?


Now, while sometimes I fight the need to wear a jacket, as I’ve grown up it has turned from a necessity of survival (living in the midwest) as well as a fashion statement. The best thing about fall is that you can get away with a light and really cute one! No parka’s necessary… yet. So check out these awesome jacket options that will keep your fall game strong, and warm! 


Shoes, oh my gosh, shoes! 

There is nothing better than a cute bootie. I firmly believe that booties are the most necessary part to a fall/winter wardrobe. If you don’t have 2-3 pairs that you have on rotation throughout the fall and winter? Now is the time to do so! Now, check out these beauties 🙂 


Accessories are not something to be forgotten in this time of fashion. Whether it’s a good bag, or a scarf that you can wear with anything, I find a good accessory can be the cherry on top to a great outfit. And maybe your outfit feels a little simple? Add that blanket scarf you got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Now you’re good to go 😀 

Need I say more? 






It’s my favorite time of year. 

BBQ’s, fireworks, and the beautiful red white and blue! Now, when it comes to summer fashion, I love the casual vibes. Everyone is in jean shorts and relaxed. But one of my pet peeves around the 4th of July is the American flag design. Not sure why, but I am very particular about how it is used on my clothing. I think sometimes it can be a little too much, and let’s be honest here… it’s a little obvious of a choice. Like, yes, it’s Independence Day, we know. 

But I think the biggest issue for me is that those designs and pieces of clothing can then only be worn maybe once or twice a year! Unless you’re throwing a ton of American Pride theme parties, which, by all means! But I’d prefer the clothes that I invest in to be a little more versatile. Meaning, I could wear them throughout the year, no problem! 





And this summer has been a really fun one when it comes to 4th designs! I love what’s on the market right now and I think you will too!! Check out the categories below to shop some adorable pieces thatI know you’ll want to rock all summer long! 

Check out my holiday outfit picks below! 


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png








Health & Fitness

noun: self-es·teem

‘a confidence in oneself’ syn: self-respect

When I first started writing this post I wrote it to be about confidence. But that word, ‘confidence’, is used in so many ways these days that it didn’t evoke the meaning that I wanted it to. Sometimes it has a negative connotation; being “over-confident” or having “too much” confidence. Or it’s used to describe how you feel about a an outfit or a presentation at work, which are both super important! But I wanted this article to be about something more, something deeper. 

I opened up this month with a post about mental health and how it has affected my life, and been affected over the years. With years of introspection, and constantly thinking about the causes and the catalysts I realized that there was one glaring consistency. My self-esteem. 

I noted before, the difference between confidence and self-esteem. Now, by definition you may not notice a big difference. And since I’m no expert, some may say that there technically isn’t a difference! But to me, there is. I would fight with myself knowing that I acted like a confident person, but didn’t feel it. I expressed confidence and I behaved with confidence almost every day! But self-esteem is a different story. To me, confidence is the everyday or situational behavior and feeling. That wasn’t what I was lacking, or what I was seeking. 

Self-esteem is deeper. It runs below your clothes, or the way you speak, or how you may feel in a room full of people. It’s self-respect, a confidence in yourself and your abilities. I didn’t respect myself, or my abilities, or anything that I had to offer. So to compound the issue, I then felt like my exterior confidence was phony! Like I was showing the world the wrong version of myself. 

My journey didn’t start like this. When my disorders started, they expressed themselves through orthorexia; obsessive healthy eating and over-exercising. I loved being healthy and exercising and I just took it way too far. Then after I graduated from college, started a job and a toxic relationship, it switched. It went from trying to take care of myself, to then punishing myself with food and depression. But enough about my story… now for the message I hope everyone hears. 

Self-esteem is synonymous with self-respect. But these days we are so consumed with what other people think, other people’s comments, the number of likes on a photo, or how our life appears to be, that we lose sight of what’s really important: how you feel about yourself. Respect what you have to offer, respect your qualities, love your flaws! Love and respect every quirk, and every crack. It’s those that make you who you are, and that’s the most powerful thing you have: being you. Because nobody else can do it!

Surround yourself with people that build you up, and not just by complimenting your outfit. But those people that build you up, support you, and the people that you know you can show your true self. Every quirky, flawed and cracked bit of yourself! Because I’ve been around the other kind of people, the kind that you portray confidence in public, but question your qualities in private. The kind that spend more time judging than appreciating. These, are not our people. 

So whatever term you want to put to it, self-esteem, confidence, self-respect, don’t let it go. And most importantly, don’t let other people take it away from you. Because your qualities and your quirks are exclusive to you, and you alone. And that is your super power! 



… because it’s so cold, you’ll freeze otherwise :-O 

Most of my day isn’t spent in cute jeans and heels. It’s spent in leggings! Going to and from the gym, running errands after the gym, you see where I’m going with this. And this is most people’s reality! As much as most fashion bloggers look like they are dressed in cute outfits every day, I’m not sure about you but that just isn’t what my itinerary calls for! 

With the athleisure trend we are able to still dress cute and stylishly, but also functionally. When you’re leaving the gym, you can make a quick change to be able to look adorable while you’re running to do your errands, take a quick coffee meeting, or meet a friend for lunch. 






Fit is fashionable! 

A lot of people also like this type of style in their everyday life even if they aren’t coming from the gym! I mean, it is a great look! It’s casual, it’s cute! Why wouldn’t you want to rock it? 





So how do you keep that trend in your outfits without freezing this time of year?! I feel ya! In Michigan right now we are currently under 1-2 feet of snow, and a good portion of my day is trying to kick around the snow so my dog can find some grass to… you know, do her thang. 

I’ve put together these looks and categories so you can find the perfect piece for, not only your preference, but also your activity! Are you looking to work out in the gear? Or rock it after your gym session. We’ve got it all here! 



Cute pieces that are on the trendy side. Great pieces for those fashionistas who want to show their style outside of the gym 



Just hanging around the house or with friends but want to look cute? These are the perfect pieces for those laid-back days when comfort meets style 



Let’s not forget the pieces that you actually want to work out in! Some people don’t live in sub-zero temperatures and can actually venture outside for their exercise. Who knew 🙂 



Again, this is a foreign concept to me in Michigan winters, BUT nonetheless there are people out there who are much smarter than me and live in milder conditions. And if you’re not one of those people? Give it a few months and that pesky time between fall/winter and winter/spring is a perfect time to bring out your favorite vest for an extra layer of insulation 


Looking for some great brands that won’t break the bank? A lot of the products above are from Lorna Jane, which is one of my favorites! They have such a clean, stylish look at an affordable price! 

And I’m sure you have seen the commercials featuring Kate Hudson’s abs and a cute pair of leggings. I was skeptical when I first tried Fabletics for the first time a few years ago. But, you guys, this brand is going to just. keep. growing! The quality is amazing, and the prices are spectacular!! Keep an eye out for more to come between me and this brand 😉 



A trend that reaches all areas of fashion. 

Whether you want to ease into it with accessories, jump right in with a jacket, or mix and match with some cute velvet leggings, you definitely have your choice when it comes to how you execute this trend. Before this season, if someone mentioned velvet, I would think of a bad 90’s spaghetti strap dress. But now, it is turning into one of my favorite ways to add texture and dimension to an outfit. 

It’s perfect for this time of year and a great way to make an outfit a little fancier for a holiday party. The colors are rich, and the fabrics are warmer for those chillier nights you have to venture out. 






When I first received these pants from Anthropologie, I saw the flare and thought they were going to be too funky. Then I tried them on and fell in love with the shape. Between the silky velvet texture and the flare of the leg they are super flattering! Plus the subtly pinstripe texture gives it an extra “cool” vibe. 






I paired it with my favorite funky booties and winter white sweater to keep the outfit from getting too dark. It’s best to keep the other patterns and textures fairly simple in a outfit including velvet. You don’t want to overwhelm the look  by adding too much. And it’s nice to accentuate the cool velvet detail. 

This sweater below is a fun way to make a sweatshirt more than just a post-gym accessory. The velvet fabric plus the crinkled texture to it really elevates the dimensions as well. It has a pattern without technically having a pattern 🙂 see what I did there? 






This could be really cute in a super casual outfit with black leggings or light girlfriend jeans and chucks. The options are endless with this sweater! 






But I saved the best for last. I came across these pants by accident, if you can believe it! I was running into Anthropologie on a mission for my mom when I saw these gems hanging in the window. I’m pretty sure I totally forgot what I was supposed to be doing there in the first place, and honed my priorities in on these joggers. 

Now, I’m a sucker for joggers, so that was hit number one for me. But then when I tried them on and the inside felt like fleece? Oh man, I was down for the count. Sometimes when something has sequins you can feel that rough texture through the inside of the garment. These joggers? Not a chance! They’re beyond comfortable






You’re probably wondering what these pants are doing here, when this post is about velvet. I’m getting there, I promise! 

Take a closer look at the detail of these pants. Go on, really get in there. I’m about to blow your mind. The design of the sequin pattern is a camo print alternating camo and velvet. I know! Now, I know that you can’t totally see the velvet and you might even wear them a few times and not even notice yourself. But when you do, you notice how the velvet totally compliments the sequins and makes the pants seasonal. 

I mean, do I hear NYE outfit? 





Brands these days are doing an amazing job giving you plenty of options when it comes to this trend. I even recently purchased these velvet tank tops from Abercrombie and I can’t wait to try them out. They’re an awesome and inexpensive way to try out the texture of velvet and the trend without being too aggressive about it. And I think the burgundy color is ON POINT for a holiday party. 


Take a closer look at these pieces below and shop some of my favorite velvet items featured in this article below. If you want to be the hit of the holidays, I suggest you shop the link 😉


Screen Shot 2017-11-10 at 2.05.13 PM.png


Want to shop other outfits? Check out my LIKEtoKNOWit page here for all the shopping details you’ll need! 








My favorite app on my phone 

You may have seen on many instagram and Facebook posts I talk about or I say things like ‘shop this look here..’ and then there’s a few jumbled letters. Not familiar with it? I’ll explain 

Like To Know It is a platform that has changed the world of marketing and social media influencers. It is an app that holds thousands of influencer’s content about shopping and home goods that, when you sign up, you can get all of the pertinent shopping information from those posts in your inbox. It’s ingenious! 




I found myself on the app all the time looking for good outfit ideas that I could either create from items I already owned, or for that finishing piece I had been racking my brain over! All the work is done for you on LIKEtoKNOWit, all you have to do is find the outfit or image that you like, double tap or screenshot that picture on instagram, and then go to your email inbox and find the links to those pieces that caught your eye! 

And it isn’t just designers or super expensive brands. If you want to search for items under $50 or even $100? Search the tag #ltkunder50 or #ltkunder100. Those are the tags that influencers use to indicate how affordable their outfit is. 





Here is a step by step ACCOUNT for how TO WORK LIKETOKNOWIT

 1. Download the LiketoKnowit App in the App Store 

2. Sign up on the app with your instagram name or just your email address 

3. Start shopping either on Instagram or on the app! 

          *If you’re shopping the app, you can find the links to the pictures right below the pictures! But if you still want to receive an email, like the picture of screenshot it in the app. 

          *If you’re shopping it on instagram, look for an image like below. Most influencers use the LikeToKnowit icon on the bottom right hand corner to indicate that it is a shopp-abble picture. If you like that picture or screenshot it, you will also get an email with the links to everything you’ll want to buy later 🙂 

Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 8.26.01 AM.png


There are new uses to the app every day! Now, you can follow your favorite influencers within the app itself. Making it easier to open the app and shop just your favorites. See the images below for a step-by-step tutorial

Go into the LIKEtoKNOWit app and click the search icon in the bottom right corner, type in the influencer you want to see and tap the ‘follow’ button. That’s it! 




Now, you can shop all of those influencer’s posts live! Just by clicking the profile icon, the second one at the bottom 




So head on over to the App store now and get the app that will change your closet and your outlook on style forever! I know it has helped me in moments of need when I had no idea what to wear 🙂 We all have those moments, so let’s help each other! Download the app and start following some of your favorite influencers to stay in the loop of what they’re up to

Check out my LikeToKnowit page here








The first, is that it’s fall, the second is that it is still isn’t that chilly 





Don’t you ever run into the issue that you dress for fall, and then by 10 AM you’re sweating through the perfectly styled sweater? Ya, me too

This sweater dress is amazing because not only is it a lightweight material, but it is perfect for those days where you want to dress for fall, but know that the temps aren’t always cooperating. 

The color is simple enough that it is easy to pair with other great fall items too. I recently wore it with an oversized jean jacket and loved it! Plus, you could wear with sneakers and totally rock it. 





And another favorite aspect of this dress? The hi-lo cut. As someone who is (cough cough) pear-shaped, this cut in both tops and dresses is the best cut for me! It shows off some leg, but the hi-lo cut disguises just how pear-shaped I actually am :-O 





Shaker Hi Low Mini Dress | Callahan | $132

Jacy Stretch Sock Booty | Halogen | $120

Thalia Crossbody Bag | Sole Society | $50











I’m sensing a trend here. 

I have been doing some reviewing of my recent purchases as well as the items that I currently have in my cart and 95% of them are some shade of army green. I’m not sure if it’s the fall season or just my tastes, but I’m all about it right now. 




These pants have a similar feel and fit to the ones in my ‘stun ’em in stripes’ post and can be paired with so many different pieces to fit whatever fall activity you have going on! My personal favorite right now is with a turtleneck and pumps. It gives it an extra hit of fall, but a taste of fancy with the heels. And again… these heels! You need a pair like these. 

Or what about casual? I love a good graphic tee. And these look so cute with the sneakers I paired with it too. Overall it’s a great brunch or casual afternoon look, and it gives your boyfriend jeans a bit of a break! And mine needed it… they’re about worn through the fabric. 




Sunset View Wide-Legs | Anthropologie | $88

Ciao Tee | Anthropologie | 

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 7.26.26 PM.png



On Check out my page and outfits here! Not a member yet? Boy, oh boy have you been missing out. Download the app in the app store and your closet will never be the same. Just like pictures on instagram or screenshot them to get all the details of the look.