I love the decor for this time of year! It is warm, cozy and the colors are amazing. Especially this year I have been really into greens, which is such a great compliment to neutrals. So if you’re like me and your house is full of neutrals, this is a great way to bring in a seasonal vibe as well as color in general.

Some really easy ways to incorporate Fall style into your home without spending tons of money are with:

  • baskets

  • pillows

  • blankets

  • greenery/plants

  • texture

  • candleholders

You can find amazing individual decor pieces that fit the bill, like stone textured vases or a chunky knit throw and we all know that a good candle can set the mood 😀 I’ll be putting one video up on my Instagram Reels every day with fall decor tips and the best way to use each item! And you can shop some of my fall finds here and keep an eye out for those videos to maybe be able to use something in your house that you have now!

Changes that I make? First I reset the coffee table in the living room and the throw pillows. After that if I think I need to bring out our big chunky knit blankets then I lay it on the ottoman to add some more texture. If I think I still need more then I look at what I have on the kitchen counter and the front door! Check out my post about Front Porch Fall Decor to get the outside of your home ready for the season.






Health & Fitness



I realized that I hadn’t posted a lot/enough on fitness, activewear and health, so I’m going to try and do that more! So every now and then I’m going to be doing these Wellness Wednesday posts; it could be anything from recipes, to workout info, or some activewear! Like this one. I personally find myself throwing on my favorite activewear jacket/coverup not only after workouts, but on my way to the grocery store, or a casual fall stroll. So I thought y’all might do the same.

This Wellness Wednesday is a collection of tons of activewear jackets that can double as style and function. My favorite way to pair them? With a ball cap/beanie, and either jeans or leggings, with your go-to sneakers! This time of year is also a perfect time for those super comfy puffer vests, and LAYERS! Layering a simple neutral sweater with a great puffer vest, and below I’ve found a ton of great ones. In fact, I found one that I love so much from Athleta that I’m on my way to get it for myself right now!

And in case you were wondering, yes, if you wear activewear without any intention of working out in it, it is still activewear 😀 I’m not sure about you, but my errands and chores list feels like cardio.










I absolutely love this time of year to spruce up the home. Because the weather is usually so-so, we end up spending a lot of time inside, so I want it to feel festive and cozy! And what I love most about it all is that it doesn’t take a ton to accomplish it. A new faux plant here, a new throw there, and voila! Fall as arrived.

I wanted to have a few hits of color this year, so I mixed in some burnt orange and dark reds to really bring some fall vibes inside. If you’re struggling with what colors to include in your home, pay attention to what colors catch your eye outside! This is the most perfect time of year for using nature as your inspiration, so next time you take a drive, do just that! That’s how I decided on the colors that I did. Every time I saw one of those trees with the deep red on the top and the dark orange on the bottom, I couldn’t look away.

But no, I didn’t completely redo our living room. I changed out half of our throw pillows for darker/moodier ones. I put a dark planter with dark berry stems on the coffee table, and obviously started burning my fall scented candles that I stocked up on from Target. You would be shocked at what difference a few different colors can make. My husband came downstairs and immediately asked what was different about our living room?

Check out a few of my finds below for what I consider to be the pieces that you can easily change out for the season! Oh, and a running fire place and hot apple cider is also a must 🙂





And don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board for tons more interior inspo!



We all know the feeling, we get super excited to change our clothes based on the seasons! Sweaters, boots, etc. But one of the problems is that once the crisp air subsides, it leaves a chill. And here, in Minnesota that chill is something like 38 degrees and snow flurries. And yes, I am still talking about Fall. But what I hate about the heavy parka’s and that time of year is that it completely hides my outfit! So here are some coat ideas, my favorite styles, and finds to keep you stylish into the Winter.

Bomber + Anorak Jackets

I love these styles for Fall, because they are super casual and have a variety of weights. There is something about fall that, for me, encourages boyfriend jeans, plaid shirts, and oversized sweaters. I feel like these two jackets fit those styles and compliment them really well. I love a bomber jacket with some booties, and anorak jackets are great for layering!

A long wool coat / blazer

Y’all know how much I love my staple long camel colored wool coat, but I have also come to love the shorter versions too! That could almost pass as a blazer and would be great to wear to work. I think if you want to keep your closet from getting overstuffed, you find the color that would compliment you the best and get one in each length! I just got a longline wool blazer from gap the other day and I love it! It is perfect for those days where you might feel al title silly wearing a full-on coat, but still want to stay warmer.

Heavy Plaid Coats

I’m loving these plaid patterns that have been popping up since last year! I got one that has recently sold out but if you’re not into the solid colors, or want something a little more stylish or fancy, I think a plaid one is the perfect option. There are tons of different options too!! At all different price points that you can shop below.

Puffer Jacket

I tend to save these for the frigid months, unless they are short ones that are cute to wear with activewear. But I like these for the more casual

UNDER $100

UNDER $200

$200 & UP






I never thought that I would find so many ways to wear this coat, to be perfectly honest. I thought that it would be something I would just wear to nicer events, but it turns out, it’s harder to to find outfits that I can’t wear it with than ones that I can! From casual (like the pics below) or fancier with some heels, this kind of coat is the perfect one for this time of year. I hate wearing coats that cover up my style, so keep the style going with your outerwear.

Scroll to the bottom to shop other styles to shop too!

I got this coat last year during Black Friday deals and I have worn the tail off of it!! And it must still be popular because they still have it for sale. But personally I cannot imagine a retailer not wanting to sell this because THIS, this is the color of fall! Maybe I just haven’t paid attention in the past but this camel/caramel color in combo with blacks is everywhere right now and I am loving it! So either I was early to the trend or just a little oblivious… I’ll let you decide.

This coat is the perfect blend of casual, stylish, and also professional. Even if you get one that’s the “dad coat” cut, it’s still super easy to pair with workwear, but, if you prefer, it also goes great with leggings and tennis shoes for a casual weekend look.

shop this look

Remember when I said that this coat is super versatile? Well, my dad did teach me to never say anything I couldn’t back up with proof 🙂

So whether you’re waiting for fall, or you’re already feeling the chill of the season, check out all of these coats that will not only keep you warm but keep your style going strong this fall!

other finds



See what I did there? 😀

You don’t have to have a brand new wardrobe and closet from season to season. I have never been that person to change out my closet from hot to cold because I never really felt a need! Granted I was living in different places six months out of the year so one could argue that technically I did, and my “winter closet” was just in a different state. BUT, my point being, a closet can be versatile enough that it can easily transition into seasons so much so that you won’t feel the need to set a date for storing those items you don’t need.

Now, I still store my summer dresses and those blouses and skirts that just. won’t. work in midwest temperatures, but that’s a small fraction of my closet. I want to be able to wear each piece as much as possible, and there are several pieces that I think are key to creating a ‘fall-proof closet’ that can help you through this time of transition. Let’s see…

  1. Leather+Jean Jacket

The key to layering when it is that in-between stage is one of these! You know the days: it’s fall in the morning, but by 11 AM your boob sweat has returned? Adding a jean jacket to a t-shirt dress, or a paper bag shorts outfit is all you need! Wearing jeans? Add a leather jacket and you’re set! I wear these constantly in September/October. Earlier I called it the ‘in-between stage’… but now that I think of it it’s really a mourning period. Goodbye tan lines, hello insulated boots.

2. A wool brim hat

I have always been a hat girl, and for a while I felt silly wearing mine, but now they’re everywhere! There were 2 MAJOR bestsellers from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that sold out so fast. I couldn’t even move fast enough to get my hands on one of them. But I love adding a hat like these to a fall outfit, especially when you’ve worn the same sweater four times in the same week? Who will tell when you’re wearing this adorable taupe wide brim fedora 😀

3. booties+boots

Again, goodbye tan and pedicured feet and hello heavy socks! But, we get to wear booties so it’s more bittersweet. I got a pair of Sam Edelman’s from the Anniversary Sale and love them! I really only have one pair of brown and black suede booties because I feel like they go with everything. But I do have a variety of heeled booties and otk gems. Again, you could wear the same jean+sweater combo but with a different pair of shoes+hat and BAM! Whole new outfit!

4. Poncho

Remember what we talked about earlier? Fall in the morning, summer by noon? Poncho’s are not only adorable and stylish but great for layering! You could wear it with a belt, one side wrapped across your neck, or open and casual. A great add-on to an otherwise summer-ish outfit to fall-proof the look.

5. sweater jacket

I mean… look at how pretty!?! Need I say more? Yes. When the weather isn’t cold enough for a legit jacket or parka, THAT is the time to keep your style strong. I hate winter coats because it hides all the hard work we put into our look. But a beautiful sweater jacket serves its purpose and keeps you looking like the fall fashionista you are.






When it comes to fashion trends, it may not be the actual color of the season, but I feel like every fall army/olive green is the actual color of the season.




Just look outside! If the leaves haven’t changed to that yellow, red, or orange hue that marks fall then they are likely these “fall green” color, as I like to call it. I realized the other day that a majority of my last few purchases were all the same color! So, I figured you all probably felt the same way? And if not… well then here are some really great styles in a great shade of green perfect for fall!

And I’m not just talking your standard utility jacket, which, let’s be real, is a necessity! But other styles that go great with brown jackets, and jeans, and cocktail hour 🙂 Shop these dozens upon dozens of styles below and rock this color until you see the grass again. Because, let’s be honest, when winter comes, sometimes I need a reminder of what leaves looked like 😀







Who said rosé is just a summer wine?




While I totally get it, and in fact even agreed with the summertime presence with this wine, after I tried it with a few of these recipe ideas? I actually prefer it this time of year! While I wouldn’t say this is the perfect wine for, say, November or maybe when there is snow on the ground, this transitional season between summer and fall is the perfect time to mix the two!

Favorite part of fall? The fresh apples!

The light airiness, hint of berries and florals pairs perfectly with sweet and tart apples! And until I tried them together? Oh my gosh! It’s kinda like champagne and strawberries, the beauty of one brings out the beauty of the other. So, I should pop open a bottle and eat some apple slices? Let’s get a little more creative.


pairing rosé with apples.jpg


The picture above is my favorite: cheese and crackers. I’m a snacker, I love snacks! So cheese and crackers is a constant in my house. But want to fancy it up? Grab some Manchego, and a jar of apple jelly. Want to get REALLY fancy? What about some homemade apple jelly? If you have bags full of apples from your trip to the orchard this weekend? Then, I say go for it! But if you’re having some friends over or if you are entertaining soon, this is the perfect finger food to set out to up your hosting game.

Have a sweet tooth? Making your apples into a light palette cleanser or dessert is a great use of this sweet and tart fruit! Like a apple granita or a spiced apple cider sorbet are a great dessert pairing with your glass of rosé. The acidity of the lemon juice and apple cider in the sorbet are a great compliment to the acidity in the rosé.

Want to try a sparkling rosé? The bubbles and increased acidity in the sparkling rosé allows for a bit heavier of a pairing, if you prefer! Maybe an apple chutney, or… ready for it? Apple Baked Brie? Well, you had me at “rosé”, then “baked”, then “brie”. But if the heaviness of the bake brie is too much, maybe in a different form? I LOVE this recipe for a Brie, Apple and Honey Crostini . Again, a great way to up your hosting and finger-food game, while keeping the pairing complimentary to your sparkling rosé.

Again, those are heavier options, and while all delicious, if you really want to pair it well with a rosé, I would go for a lighter, sparkling one. Almost the fruitier the better. Especially with the baked brie, as the heaviness of the brie may take over the sweetness of the apples. So let your wine take over and help out!






Health & Fitness


Pretty sure I have said this before, I would eat breakfast every meal of the day.

And sometimes…. I do.

Don’t judge. You know it’s delicious.




But sometimes the breakfast options aren’t quite up to snuff nutritionally. Which is why I love finding healthier ways to enjoy this delightful meal. Whether it’s pancakes, waffles, a parfait, they don’t have to be unhealthy! The biggest culprit of most of these dishes is the sugar.

Most of iHop’s pancake servings have up to 40 even 50 g of sugar!!!! That is almost double the sugar that you should have in an entire day… in one sitting… on one plate… oh my. When you put that much sugar with so little protein? Well, it’s a recipe for disaster on anyone’s health.




These pancakes have more protein than sugar, and the natural sweetness from the apples is not only perfect for this time of year, but also a great way to get some great taste without the added enemy. With that, it is really important to get unsweetened applesauce, if you don’t, that definitely kicks up the sugar content. Just compare the two jars next time you are in the grocery store, the difference is… noticeable.

I used Tera’s Whey Vanilla Protein Powder that you can find in most grocery stores, and Whole Foods. The taste is so subtle that it doesn’t take over the entire meal. If you have a protein powder that you prefer, go right ahead! Just know it may change the taste a bit.





Serves 3 | about 8 small pancakes

1 medium apple peeled, sliced

  • ¾ tsp. ground cinnamon divided use

  • 4 large egg whites (½ cup)

  • ½ cup unsweetened applesauce

  • ¼ cup unsweetened almond milk

  • 1-2 scoops whey protein powder vanilla flavor

  • ¼ cup old-fashioned rolled oats

  • 6 Tbsp. oat flour

  • ½ tsp. baking powder

  • ½ tsp. ground cinnamon

  • ½ tsp. ground ginger (optional)

  • 1 dash ground nutmeg (optional)

Thinly slice the peeled apple and mix/coat with as much ground cinnamon as you want, then cook in a small skillet until the slices are cooked through thoroughly. This should take a few minutes, but make sure not to overcook or burn! Once they are done, set aside as your topping.

Meanwhile, mix the egg whites, applesauce, and almond milk in a small bowl together. Then mix the protein powder, rolled oats, oat flour, baking powder, and cinnamon in a medium bowl. Then slowly pour the wet ingredients into the dry and mix together. Careful not to over beat or beat too hard as the egg whites could change the consistency of the pancake.

I used a cast iron flat skillet to cook my pancakes, but once your pan-of-choice is coated with cooking spray, and heated slightly stove-top, begin to pour the batter. (*note: I tend to heat my pan on medium, then just before pouring the batter turn it down just a tad as not to burn the edges on contact) I tend not to go off of time, but notice the bubbles in the batter, once the outside or a generous portion of the batter has bubbles in it, then it’s ready to flip!

Stack your pancakes, top with cooked apple slices and maple syrup of choice. (*note: the nutrition facts below do not account for the maple syrup, which, obviously, changes the sugar content. My suggestion? sugar free maple syrup! Yes, it’s a thing, and yes it gives just the hint of maple that I need to complete my healthy breakfast.)

I cooked one pancake a time to cook them all evenly, and made 8 small pancakes. But if you choose, 4 medium ones would make for a perfect 2-serving meal.








The first, is that it’s fall, the second is that it is still isn’t that chilly 





Don’t you ever run into the issue that you dress for fall, and then by 10 AM you’re sweating through the perfectly styled sweater? Ya, me too

This sweater dress is amazing because not only is it a lightweight material, but it is perfect for those days where you want to dress for fall, but know that the temps aren’t always cooperating. 

The color is simple enough that it is easy to pair with other great fall items too. I recently wore it with an oversized jean jacket and loved it! Plus, you could wear with sneakers and totally rock it. 





And another favorite aspect of this dress? The hi-lo cut. As someone who is (cough cough) pear-shaped, this cut in both tops and dresses is the best cut for me! It shows off some leg, but the hi-lo cut disguises just how pear-shaped I actually am :-O 





Shaker Hi Low Mini Dress | Callahan | $132

Jacy Stretch Sock Booty | Halogen | $120

Thalia Crossbody Bag | Sole Society | $50











This hat… is everything





And I know that you would agree! Not only is it on sale for 56% off….  woah… but it is also the most amazing color! I have mentioned so many times in the past about how I get in a color-rut. I find myself buying so many neutrals, that my closet looks like the inside of a Gap’s khaki storage closet. But with this hat, I’m cured!! 

The size is also perfection! I sometimes find the felt hats on the market today to be a little big. Not fit-wise but in the brim. Which makes it feel a little fancier! Which then makes me not want to wear them as much. But again, I’m cured! This is the perfect size for a casual weekend activity!






And I’m so excited to rock this hat with my new hair cut too! While I still miss my long hair at times, I think the hat makes this look that much more trendy! And want some other outfit ideas to pair with a hat like this? The turtleneck is an awesome choice, but you could also do a v-neck tee with a leather jacket to be super stylish! Or if you have a simple grey sweatshirt dress and denim jacket, this hat could dress it up a bit and really finish off the whole outfit! 

I mean… as if I really need an excuse to wear this hat! I’d wear it with anything 🙂 






Shop this hat and other LIKE TO KNOW IT looks here







I’m sensing a trend here. 

I have been doing some reviewing of my recent purchases as well as the items that I currently have in my cart and 95% of them are some shade of army green. I’m not sure if it’s the fall season or just my tastes, but I’m all about it right now. 




These pants have a similar feel and fit to the ones in my ‘stun ’em in stripes’ post and can be paired with so many different pieces to fit whatever fall activity you have going on! My personal favorite right now is with a turtleneck and pumps. It gives it an extra hit of fall, but a taste of fancy with the heels. And again… these heels! You need a pair like these. 

Or what about casual? I love a good graphic tee. And these look so cute with the sneakers I paired with it too. Overall it’s a great brunch or casual afternoon look, and it gives your boyfriend jeans a bit of a break! And mine needed it… they’re about worn through the fabric. 




Sunset View Wide-Legs | Anthropologie | $88

Ciao Tee | Anthropologie | 

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 7.26.26 PM.png



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