When it comes to fashion trends, it may not be the actual color of the season, but I feel like every fall army/olive green is the actual color of the season.




Just look outside! If the leaves haven’t changed to that yellow, red, or orange hue that marks fall then they are likely these “fall green” color, as I like to call it. I realized the other day that a majority of my last few purchases were all the same color! So, I figured you all probably felt the same way? And if not… well then here are some really great styles in a great shade of green perfect for fall!

And I’m not just talking your standard utility jacket, which, let’s be real, is a necessity! But other styles that go great with brown jackets, and jeans, and cocktail hour 🙂 Shop these dozens upon dozens of styles below and rock this color until you see the grass again. Because, let’s be honest, when winter comes, sometimes I need a reminder of what leaves looked like 😀










It’s that time of year! Plenty of posts on Nordstrom Anniversary sales out there, so if you’re reading this… I appreciate your time and dedication to this cause 😀 

I love fashion, I love sales, and getting things at a great price, so this is like Christmas morning for me! Another fun part of this sale is that it gets me SUPER excited for fall fashion. Sweaters, boots, scarves, everything! Because even though I own way too many sweaters already… if they’re on sale, it doesn’t count right? 

Shop my top picks in the categories below for not only amazing savings, but also some great pieces to have for fall!! You’ll be seeing me sporting a few of them in the future 🙂 

Sweaters are a staple for me in the fall and winter, but lately I have been trying to branch out in the color department. I realize all my sweaters were beige, maybe a few black ones, but almost zero color! So look out everyone! We’re getting crazy this year… and by crazy I mean some merlot and army greens in the mix. I love all of these picks for fall because they are perfect staple that can be worn over and over and styled in so many different ways. 


I have realized that my pants/skirts game has been pretty weak when it comes to fall fashion. I usually rely on my torn jeans, and not that they’re amazing, and not that you don’t need another pair 🙂 but this sale has some great options that I would love to style this fall! They are great options to keep it casual, maybe with some simple sneakers, and even style it up a bit with some simple pumps! 

Options are great to have, aren’t they?


Now, while sometimes I fight the need to wear a jacket, as I’ve grown up it has turned from a necessity of survival (living in the midwest) as well as a fashion statement. The best thing about fall is that you can get away with a light and really cute one! No parka’s necessary… yet. So check out these awesome jacket options that will keep your fall game strong, and warm! 


Shoes, oh my gosh, shoes! 

There is nothing better than a cute bootie. I firmly believe that booties are the most necessary part to a fall/winter wardrobe. If you don’t have 2-3 pairs that you have on rotation throughout the fall and winter? Now is the time to do so! Now, check out these beauties 🙂 


Accessories are not something to be forgotten in this time of fashion. Whether it’s a good bag, or a scarf that you can wear with anything, I find a good accessory can be the cherry on top to a great outfit. And maybe your outfit feels a little simple? Add that blanket scarf you got from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale! Now you’re good to go 😀 

Need I say more? 






The first, is that it’s fall, the second is that it is still isn’t that chilly 





Don’t you ever run into the issue that you dress for fall, and then by 10 AM you’re sweating through the perfectly styled sweater? Ya, me too

This sweater dress is amazing because not only is it a lightweight material, but it is perfect for those days where you want to dress for fall, but know that the temps aren’t always cooperating. 

The color is simple enough that it is easy to pair with other great fall items too. I recently wore it with an oversized jean jacket and loved it! Plus, you could wear with sneakers and totally rock it. 





And another favorite aspect of this dress? The hi-lo cut. As someone who is (cough cough) pear-shaped, this cut in both tops and dresses is the best cut for me! It shows off some leg, but the hi-lo cut disguises just how pear-shaped I actually am :-O 





Shaker Hi Low Mini Dress | Callahan | $132

Jacy Stretch Sock Booty | Halogen | $120

Thalia Crossbody Bag | Sole Society | $50