I promise you won’t look like a referee 

These pants were a risk, I’m not going to lie. Then I tried them on for the first time and oh…my.. gosh did I fall in love. Not only are they beyond comfortable but the stripes add a stylish pattern that isn’t overwhelming! I absolutely love this outfit and how fun and flirty it is. If you’re looking to impress a little special someone during a night out? This outfit will do the trick 😉 




The wide-leg trend is one that I absolutely love! I have always loved this look and was just waiting for it to come back into style. Now that it has, the options are endless! 

One of my favorite attributes of the trend is just how flattering it is. The high-waist + wide-leg cut of these pants accentuate a smaller waist and hide things that you might not want to be seen 😀 I am one that has larger legs and thighs… and I blame field hockey for that! But, these pants hide those trouble spots and show off the areas that I’d rather people see. 





Rocking this in the summer? Try it with strappy black heels, but if it’s getting closer to the fall maybe try pointy-toe pumps! Either way, you won’t see them too much because of the cut of these pants. Which can also be a good thing if you’re like me and procrastinate on getting a pedicure :-O




This tee is also one of the cutest ones I have in my closet. It shows off just enough with high-waist pants that it is fun and flirty. But not enough that it makes me feel uncomfortable. Another reason I love the height of these pants. There’s embroidery of the word ‘babe’ on the left side that adds a hit of style and fashion that helps this tee stand out from the rest. And it’ll do the same thing for you! 



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