This term was first coined several years ago when activewear started to take over global retail. In other words, women started wearing their yoga pants everywhere, and boom! Another department.

And it’s not a small one.

Now valued at over $84 billion, this is not a “passing trend”. Companies are much more relaxed on dress code, overall fashion trends are more casual, and people just don’t have the time to change their entire outfit after their workouts and before their errands. And as a trainer, I couldn’t be happier!

I lived in my team-issued gear at Ohio State, mostly because it was comfortable, but it was also because I just didn’t want to have to go all the way home before practice. These days, when I teach, I am usually going to or from a class that I was taking! And don’t have a ton of time between classes to be able to get some errands done. And let’s be honest, yoga pants are so much more comfortable than jeans!

And a lot of people agree, and want this trend to stay as long as possible. So I decided to document some of my favorite athleisure pieces and outfits. The key? Finding one or two pieces that you could wear with several different outfits, or maybe even jeans! If it passes the jeans test, then you could probably wear it anywhere.


Whether it’s a light jacket, a scarf, wrap, or sweatshirt, unless it is 90° outside, I tend to layer up. If you’re leaving a class, you probably want to cover up that sweaty tank or tee! It’s also a great way to make your athleisure look more like an outfit than your workout gear.


This part is key! Now, I’m not the kind of person that can carry two different kinds of bags, because odds are something very crucial will be left in the wrong bag, right when I need it. So make sure you have a bag that again, could be paired with jeans, or you would be comfortable to take into a casual restaurant! That way you know that whether you’re in the gym, running errands, or meeting your girlfriend for coffee, you’re covered!


You cannot go wrong with a pair of black leggings, but to me, those shiny leggings that I sometimes wear when I workout (you know the kind) don’t exactly fit in with my jean jacket look. So having a good number of simple and matte pair of leggings that, yes, you can definitely wear in the gym, but also could pass for a casual weekend look too!

I’m also loving the joggers trend that has increased lately. Lululemon has come out with an amazing pair, called the Align Jogger, that you could also work out in. But if you’re not looking to spend $100, there are some other really good options out there too!

Now, put some of those new finds that you shopped above, and put them to use in some of these cute outfits! You can also click each of these images to shop each of them individually.

Happy shopping!!






January at the gym is like finals week in college. You’re in the lecture hall about to take your exam, you look around and think to yourself “where did all of these people come from?”.

With your resolutions might come some new purchases to get you feeling good in the gym. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t work out better when they feel like their outfit looks cute! But a part of your fitness resolution doesn’t have to be to break the bank on those new pair of leggings. After years of trying TONS of different activewear brands (and working for one of the biggest!) I have found some amazing finds from some super affordable places. Now, you can have several different gym looks instead of just one pair of black leggings that took a whole paycheck to pay for! As much as we all love black leggings…




I have found Fabletis to be one of my go-to brands these days. I am very particular about the type of fabric in my workout gear because we all know that there are some that are affordable, but they are so thin that you know they won’t last long! Well Fabletics has some of the best feeling leggings I have ever tried. And same with Target, which I still get a hit and miss occasionally, but there have been some pieces that are now regulars in my routine! I think with places like Target, or any retailer that carries different brands, the trick is finding the brands within those retailers that you like, and stick with them! For example, I know that most Joy Lab products from Target are going to be pretty good so I tend to shop that brand the most.

Shop the links below to get some super affordable gym pieces to get you feeling good during those new workouts of yours 🙂


Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 1.12.37 PM.png



Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 1.12.59 PM.png



Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 1.13.13 PM.png