This trend isn’t new, but it has made a strong appearance these past six months! 




And I like it!! I like accessories that can make the outfit! Like the picture above, for example. All I’m wearing is a jean jacket and a white tee, but with the scarf? The style is elevated! All of a sudden my simple outfit is a super trendy, still casual, yet classy, outfit! 




I also love anything that I can wear several ways! If you’ve read any of my posts before this one, I use the word ‘versatile’ a lot. It makes, purchasing an item feel a little more justified, right? Like, “if I can wear this five different ways, then it’s like I’m buying 5 items for the price of 1!” 

I know you have that internal monologue sometimes when shopping! 




And whether you add this as a hair accessory, or add it to another accessory like a cross body bag or your tote, it’s a great way to add a pop of color! Y’all know me… neutrals, neutrals, neutrals! So if I need to get a little pop? This is a great way to do that without it being overwhelming! 




There are so many great scarves on the market right now that are so affordable! Even check out Target! And shop the links below for some of my favorite picks! 

A lot of these scarves and bandana’s are under $20!!!! Especially check out the ones at Urban Outfitters! Right now a few of them are “2-for” deals. Totally justified purchases 😉 






Who says technology can’t be sexy? 






I think I’ve proved my point! 

But seriously, how many times have you gone out for dinner, or put on an outfit just to look in the mirror and see your watch or fitness tracker glaring back at you? I certainly have! But this baby? Well, it stands out for totally different reasons. You will have no problem wearing this with a cute outfit for a date night, plus you’ll love everything that it can do! 







It might seem like a tiny detail, but the options for the face of the watch? SO much better than others out there! Take the picture above for example! At first glance you might not even know that it’s a smartwatch. Just a really awesome rose gold watch with a killer design. Right? But if you prefer the standard digital look, they have those too! Plenty of options to choose from 






Phoebe approves too 🙂 







Plus, when you shop with Fossil you will have no problem finding other accessories to pair together. This bracelet is a gem! Literally has gems all the way around it 🙂 but it goes perfectly with this watch! The colors are delicate and beautiful! I cannot wait to wear it this Spring when it isn’t covered by my parka and heavy sweaters. 

So head head to Fossil’s site right now! And shop the links below to get yours TODAY! 








This hat… is everything





And I know that you would agree! Not only is it on sale for 56% off….  woah… but it is also the most amazing color! I have mentioned so many times in the past about how I get in a color-rut. I find myself buying so many neutrals, that my closet looks like the inside of a Gap’s khaki storage closet. But with this hat, I’m cured!! 

The size is also perfection! I sometimes find the felt hats on the market today to be a little big. Not fit-wise but in the brim. Which makes it feel a little fancier! Which then makes me not want to wear them as much. But again, I’m cured! This is the perfect size for a casual weekend activity!






And I’m so excited to rock this hat with my new hair cut too! While I still miss my long hair at times, I think the hat makes this look that much more trendy! And want some other outfit ideas to pair with a hat like this? The turtleneck is an awesome choice, but you could also do a v-neck tee with a leather jacket to be super stylish! Or if you have a simple grey sweatshirt dress and denim jacket, this hat could dress it up a bit and really finish off the whole outfit! 

I mean… as if I really need an excuse to wear this hat! I’d wear it with anything 🙂 






Shop this hat and other LIKE TO KNOW IT looks here







You can have your watch, and wear it too! 

Or… something like that. 




I found myself not wearing my apple watch every day (like I had originally planned) because of the bands. Some are okay, but there are some outfits and scenarios where I just don’t want something that big on my wrist. I tried different bands, looked around for other ideas, and didn’t find much! 

But then…

I came across this brand on Pinterest! This article that was describing this new company that was changing the way we will wear our Apple Watches. After digging in a little bit more I couldn’t believe that more people hadn’t heard about them! Well, let’s spread the word people! 






I have now gotten in the habit of converting the watch almost every night into this necklace. And guess what! They have more products coming soon! I am so excited to continue to share this collaboration with you and let you know about all the cool things they’re up to. Keep an eye out! More to come soon. 


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