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Their name does not disappoint. Along with the mini bands, these are the most highly used pieces of equipment in my home gym. 

These bands are a little thicker, and much larger than the mini’s, so a little more versatile. This workout is focused on the legs, but the upside of this equipment is that when you are using them, you are engaging your core and upper body throughout every move. Another reason why I love them! Not only are they portable, but it doesn’t just focus on one muscle. It’s a full-body workout, even if it isn’t! 

Trust me, it makes sense

Here is a great selection of super bands; from extra light to extra heavy! I suggest getting several and start with a lighter one when you first try the workouts. With that, you are going to want heavier resistance with certain moves! So get a variety! 

Below is a breakdown of the moves, how to do them and what muscles they’re working, or you can skip right down to the video and watch the full workout, as well as links to my outfit and some other great (and affordable) activewear!! 


SQUAT + OH Press

I love this move because it hits sooooo many muscles! Adding the Overhead Press is the key to making this full-body. It engages your core and back like crazy! In fact when I first started doing this move, I could barely do 5 lb. weights in good form. And any arm move that goes overhead is going to be harder than others, so if your upper back or core is weaker, this is might prove a little difficult, but with a little effort you will see great results in just a short amount of time! 



This move combo is one that I regularly include in my workouts. Whether it’s with a kettlebell, or justly bodyweight, I love it. The lunge and the deadlift both target your hamstring and glute but in slightly different ways. They compliment each other really well, and the need for balance in the deadlift is a great added challenge. Be sure, during the deadlift, to keep your hips as square to the ground as possible. If lean into that stabilizing leg you’ll end up stretching or straining your inner thigh instead of working your hamstring and glute. 



This is my new favorite! I had never tried it before I got these super bands but know that I need to work more on my lateral lunge game, so let’s get to it!! The swaying motion from side to side will hit those glutes more than if you came out of the lunge every time. I urge you to use a mirror! Keep something in the background in your view and keep note if your hips come above that point. That will tell you that you need to sit that backside down! The chest press is a great way to activate your shoulders and front deltoids. It’s different than a front raise, and adds a challenge of keeping your hands high instead of just lifting up and down over and over. 



I know, everyone’s least favorite. But I couldn’t help but include it! I always like to include one higher interval move into my strength work. I feel like getting your heart rate up quickly just once or twice will help elevate the rest of your workout! 




The donkey kick is a commonly known move that I see people do all the time in gyms. Many times with dumbbells clenched behind their knee, sometimes with a machine and added weight. I love all of these different options in the video and think they should all be done together! It really fatigues the glute and hamstring and keeps your leg moving! I especially love the oblique crunch with the straight leg. The added resistance with the super band really targets the side body. Be sure to take that one slow and reach that leg out to the side as far and as slowly as you can. Can’t forget the core now, can we? 



Ah, the wall sit. Also known as my former gym teacher’s form of torture. But believe it or not, it has now become a regular in my workout routines! However, I like to add a little something special to keep it interesting. This one adds a front raise, which also engages the core like crazy! Focus on your lower back (lumbar), and make sure it maintains contact with the wall. That way you know your core is engaged. This move is also great for those shoulders you want to show off this tank-top season 😀 





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*Any time you complete one of these workouts, be sure that you are healthy enough to do so! Any workout you complete from Keegan Michelle is done so under your own volition. 

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