While some people might have felt like it’s been Winter for a few weeks now, we have just now reached the official start of the season. We’re still figuring out the weather down here in Nashville but have been happy to find a few cold/chilly days here and there, even though at times they are followed by 60, or even 70 degrees. And while I may already have too many coats for this climate, I wanted to do a round-up of stylish winter coats + jackets. I feel like those in moderate weather can use them as a part of their outfit, or staple pieces to their wardrobe therefore making them more than just something that hangs in their closet.



I have a few wool coats that I wear throughout the Fall, with heels, booties, flats, whenever I can! They are great for layering, or just wear a simple long sleeve or turtleneck (like the one pictured above) on the warmer days that you might not need so much weight. This coat is a new favorite of mine and I have already worn it a ton! I even wore it while traveling, pairing it with leggings, a Champion sweatshirt and sneakers. Again, versatile!

Abercrombie has actually been where I have found many of my staple coats + jackets. One thing that I love about their wool coats is that a lot of them come in tall sizes, so for people like me (who are 5’9″ or taller), they won’t hit at a funny spot. We can still get that chic length below the knee with the tall styles they offer. The most timeless option in my opinion? The camel colored wool blend dad coat. I have had one from Gap for five years and have seen year over year people still love it! And it is beyond versatile, just check out this post about how many ways you can wear it! It is consistently in my Fall capsule wardrobe and now that we are in more moderate Winters, I think it’ll be featured even more than ever before!










But my biggest recommendation would be to look in your closets, and take a second pass at the coats you have! Maybe a different take on them can make all the difference? Wear them with a pair of fancier trousers, or maybe some heels and a dress for a holiday party? Coats don’t have to be these last minute accessories we throw on just to take off right away.


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