Spring is the best time for dresses!! There is something about the budding trees and flowers that just makes me want to go on a picnic in a colorful midi dress. And this is coming from a kid who wore cargo shorts and refused to wear a dress until I was in high school… barely. There are so many different styles but I rounded up a ton of finds in my 5 favorite styles for the season, keep reading. But the best part is that I think the casual spring dress category is the only one that you can really wear anywhere and everywhere! I mean how many other kinds of dresses can you pair with a strappy pair of heels and sandals? Or wear to a fancier event as well as pair with a jean jacket?





Trends you’ll for sure see this Spring? Florals, holes (yes, I said holes, as in cut-outs), lots of white (move over the little black dress), and sheer layers. While I may not be here for all of them, there are definitely a few of these trends that you can see below.

And to be honest? It’s less to think about. Maybe it’s my old age but the less number of decisions that I have to make? The better! But I’m hoping by writing this post and getting some new dresses myself that we will all be able to wear them out socially soon.



In my humble onion, the most comfortable as well as the easiest to dress down! Wear with flip flops and a jean jacket and you’re good to go! They also come in such a variety it is hard to narrow it down. But you can’t beat a simple black cotton maxi dress that goes with everything and on practically every single day. But if you’re wanting to get a little more fun with it, there are plenty of options there too! They’re great for vaca cover-ups that pose as the perfect lunch attire without having to pack a ton.




I have found some of the most adorable dresses in this style lately and there is something about them that has me obsessing over them! I’m not sure if it’s because they feel like quintessential spring/summer fashion or if they are just casual and flirty and would go great on a picnic blanket with a charcuterie board 🙂 But I love these for a casual weekend with sandals, a straw bag and maybe a jean jacket if you need it.




I used to avoid these dresses because I cannot stand a strapless bra. However there is something about the off-the-shoulder with sleeves that helps with that support. Or maybe it’s just mental. Either way, for me the comfort is way higher than a regular strapless dress. I was so excited when I got the dress pictured below because I immediately pictured myself in a chic beach hat walking along the shoreline. Dang I want to go on vacation. I love off the shoulder styles because they come in such a variety, like the one below that is casual to pair with sandals, or shorter that are fancy enough to wear to a wedding! I suggest a whimsical up-do and your favorite pair of earrings to top off the outfit!




Whether it’s a t-shirt dress or a flirty fit like the one below, this is a great style for Spring since we might not completely be ready for thin straps quite yet.



Another popular style that I’m sure you’ll see continue into Spring is the silk slip dress. I felt like a lot of people were posting them this winter paired with a sweater, which is a look that I love! But if  you’re daring enough to wear it solo, it can be a beautiful outfit in its simplicity. But to shop all of the dresses you see featured in the images, shop below!

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