Okay, so everything is on hiatus right now, but I am going to continue thinking positively and that we will be back to normal in no time. With that, if there are any beauty products or ideas that you want to try but didn’t want to be committed to it in public? Now’s the perfect time! Because unless you are worried about if your couch or dog will judge you, experiment away!


I find this time of year to be super important for sun protection. While it isn’t hot out you might be outside more than you think… or, you will be when the quarantine is over. Foundation with SPF is the greatest and easiest way to protect an area you know won’t be covered, and all of these I have tried and are great.


This time of year can be (or used to be) the most social, second to Summer. The sun is out, the temps are warming up, people want to get out! Now, I think that makeup remover is always one of the most important part of your beauty regimen, but this time of year when you may be wearing makeup more, can’t forget to take it off!


Everyone wants a little umf right?


Need to stuff off that dry winter skin? I use body scrubs at least once a week to keep my skin soft and moisturized, especially this time of year. It can also be great to use the day before you use any self tanner products.


speaking of… I never used to be big into self tanning and still am not completely. But every once in a while you need a little glow! I don’t get to take as many warm vacations as I get older so my skin loses its color really quickly. St. Tropez is by far my favorite and always looks super natural, and not streaky! But for goodness sakes please use an applying mit! If I have to see one more person with orange and blotchy hands….

And here are some other great beauty finds that I’ve tried in the past or think would be great for this time of year.

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