Clear bags, barrettes, ribbons and headbands, oh my!

There are other trends according to Vogue and Harpers Bazaar that will be making appearances this spring/summer season, however these trends are the ones that I feel like won’t make you look totally bazaar (haha get it?) when you don them at brunch. Don’t you feel like that most of the time you’re reading a high fashion magazine or see people’s insta-posts at fashion week? Like, “I would never wear that!” or “who would actually wear that in real life?”. I selectively choose which fashion trends are “real-life” acceptable, and ones that I even like! Just because it’s on-trend, doesn’t mean it looks good.

A few of these trends you have already seen ALL OVER Instagram and I think are soooo fantastic for Spring! The barrettes for example, I love the concept of keeping your hair back now that the sun is out. Show off that new tan! Soak up that vitamin D! I even kinda like the multiple barrette concept as well. Now… I’m not feeling the full-Dorit mode when I say ‘multiple’. Not that she’s not fabulous…. but I would probably just go with a scrunchy at this point!




I also think that hair color and length will dictate what style/color barrette you wear. On blondes I LOVE the pearls, on brunettes or “brondes”? Rose gold can really bring out those hues beautifully. I recently bought this pearled barrette from Revolve, and LOVE it, and know it will stand up to the constant opening and closing, but… $30 for one? Ehhhh, maybe not. Below are a slew of findings, from $3 to $30!

Also, is there an adult word for barrette? Every time I typed that I thought of those plastic ribbon things my mom would put in my hair when I was five-years-old.

Thank you, next!

The clear bag… I’m actually LOVING this!! Again, so light, so fresh, and easy to clean with a lysol wipe 😀 For me, the totally clear bag is a no-go. Meaning, there is no little pouch inside the plastic to actually hold my things. People don’t need to see the nonsense I have in my purse! What lady does?

Other than those going to a football game of course…

I also love how the plastic can grow with any color! You can go bright, layers, simple, white, tote, cross body, need I go on? Because I certainly can. Now, with those options also comes the different price-options. For something that might be “so last year” in a few months, do I want to spend $200 on it? Mmmmm, no thanks. So again, Amazon for the win! Shop these options below from $14 to $140, neutrals to colorful pops, small to large. Goldilocks is welcome here!

Another trend that is pretty versatile is ribbons. Yup, 2019 brings us barrettes and ribbons… should we be concerned?

Now, I’m not really a fan of wearing ribbons in my hair. I think if you have long hair and are wearing a low pony, if it’s a small ribbon that can flow with your low pony? That can be cute! But other ways can make you look like a kid. And I don’t know about you, but at (almost) 30, I’m all for looking younger… but not nine.

I also think that there are other ways to wear ribbons and scarves, not just in your hair. Adding a patterned scarf to your tote can make a once-simple and plain leather bag now a fun spring purse. There are even shoes now that don’t have just straps, but ribbons! Or how about we use a scarf as a headband? So there are still ways to be trendy even if you’re kind of ‘meh’ about the trend itself. I haven’t put links to shop this trend because I am fairly ‘meh’ about this one, but maybe I’ll compile some on my profile? Stay tuned!




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