This fall it was leopard, and while that doesn’t seem to have gone anywhere, snake prints have taken the #1 spot recently. Or maybe it’s tied.

And I’m not mad about it! I get really excited when i see a trend hit the market in so many ways, and at so many prices! I’ve loved seeing how other bloggers and influencers have been styling this print and all the ways that you can! Whether it’s simple, maybe with an accessory, a pair of shoes, or if you’re bold? A pair of pants? A cute skirt?

I posted this video on my feed with all the ways I love to style a favorite snake print skirt of mine from H&M, which at $15 you just cannot beat! So check out the video to see alllllll the ways, and then shop these skirts to pick that statement piece.

I think the part I love about picking just one piece in a bold print is that you can dictate just how bold the outfit turns out! Let me explain. With the skirts above for example, you could wear a simple top, some pumps and it would be a more bold outfit. Or? You could wear a light jacket with some chucks, so not only is it a more casual look, but the density of the jacket weighs the boldness of the skirt’s print down a bit. So if you’re worried that the print is too bold you can totally find ways to fuse it into your style.

How about a top? You could wear a jacket over it, a blazer, or keep the button-down open so there isn’t quite as much print visible at first glance! I actually am OBSESSED with this top in particular and have worn it a ton with a white bodysuit underneath and just tied it in front. So not only does that make it more casual but it also breaks up the print a bit because you can see more of the bodysuit. Spring is the perfect time to ease into bold prints, then maybe when summer comes around you could pair a cute little camisole with a pair of jeans? Ugh… I can’t wait for warmer weather.

Want to go even more subtle? I don’t blame you! A bold print can be scary! But check out these adorable shoes and accessories that can be that perfect little pop to finish an outfit. I absolutely LOVE the idea of these shoes maybe with a pair of mom jeans and a simple white tee? Too cute! Check out these options too.

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