It’s that time! Every three years or so I chop my hair off, it removes all the dead hair that’s been colored over and over, and plus it’s a fun style change-up. This year it feels so good to have fresh and healthy locks. You would not believe how bad it had gotten during quarantine.

Now, I didn’t chop my hair out of ease because, personally, I think that short hair actually takes more effort than long hair. Long hair I know I can always throw it in a quick up-do or my go-to curls. Short hair? the up-do is very different, and the air-dry straight short do (or the “mom cut”) is not the look I was going for. So in hopes to keep my hair stylish and looking good, I have found a few more products to help me out.




The stylist that cut/colored my hair recommended the Kerastase Densifique line and ohhhhh my goodness it’s amazing. I use the shampoo+conditioner every so often but I use the mousse literally every time I style my hair. It makes a huge difference and give you body and volume throughout my entire head! I still really like the DryBar volumizing mousse as well.




But the styling doesn’t just stop there. With the way that I curl my hair I like to keep the waves separated, messy and textured, and for that you can either go with a simple texturizing spray or a dry creme or texture paste. I have used and love both, and like both, but they can give you a very different result. The spray is super easy, doesn’t usually add weight and can act as your hairspray unless you really need it. The paste can sometimes give your hair extra weight and instead of the wispy/beachy feel it will probably bulk some of your hairs together and weight it down a bit. I LOVE the R+Co texturizing dry creme because it adds ZERO extra weight, gives amazing lift to your roots and does not clump or leave any residue. In fact it absorbs oil so you’ll wake up the next day feeling like you just did your hair. I used this on my long curls and loved it and also use it for my short curls too.



Yes, yes, we all want to look amazing but we also want to take care of our hair too, right? Hair health is so important to me, so I try and incorporate that into my routine. Masks are a fantastic way if your hair damages easily, but my BIGGEST recommendation is to always always always use a heat protectant before styling your hair. If you use that as consistently as you curl/style your hair then that could lead to less issues down the road. Kerastase also makes a great scalp treatment and a damaged hair serum that I use from time to time. Basically you need to know what your hair is exposed to, and act accordingly. Even if you don’t style it with heat a ton, the son can also do some damage to your hair or its color.

I use the Kerastase purple shampoo and mask from time to time to keep my blonde locks fresh. Not blonde? there are tons of other masks and products to keep your color lasting longer.




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