This genre takes up a lot of space in my library. There are so many amazing books out there that I have read that have helped me to remember my potential, figure out certain personality traits, and just kick my butt into action. I feel like a few years ago the “self-help” section of the bookstore was one that people might have been embarrassed to be shopping in, or maybe take the cover off to hide what they were reading, but now I think that it is viewed differently. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to improve yourself! In fact, it’s encouraged!

And to be honest if someone thinks differently, well, I’m probably not very good friends with them… or talk to them much.

Since I have been trying to read a lot more lately, I’ve realized that I need variety: meaning, it’s not good for me to keep reading the same kind of book one after the other. So I’ll generally alternate a fiction, non-fiction, self-knowledge read to keep things interesting and my reading vibes going strong. I didn’t always used to read this much but I’ve followed a bunch of amazing accounts and started listening to a bunch of podcasts that give great recommendations for all kinds of books! So having enough books to keep up with my reading isn’t as hard as it used to be.

I trend towards different kinds of self-knowledge books as well! There are so many amazing female entrepreneurs that have decided to share their stories that I find not only inspiring but also illuminating about my business aspirations. Then there are those that have worked in motivational speaking, life coaching and other areas that have given them some amazing writing material. For example, Maria Forleo and Glennon Doyle’s books have been some of my favorite reads of the last two years. I finished both books feeling inspired, and with tools to move forward with personal struggles as well as the tools for some professional goals that I have for the future.

And that’s what I look for from any of these books! Inspiration and the slightest inkling of an idea. Just like with podcasts and articles that I read I always look to leave with something. I never want to finish a book, put it on the shelf, and leave it there. I want to be left with a thought (or multiple) that stay with me, even after the book is put away or donated. For instance Gretchen Rubin’s book The Four Tendencies is one that I continue to reference as well as think about whenever dealing with interpersonal dynamics. It has actually really helped when considering how I speak to my husband and understanding why he may or may not do something. Which, in certain ways still tends to perplex me 🙂

Check out more of these self-knowledge books that I have loved over the past few years, and if you have any recommendations PLEASE put them in the comments below! I would love for everyone to be able to share their own experience with similar books and how they may have helped you along your journey.

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