Who said rosé is just a summer wine?




While I totally get it, and in fact even agreed with the summertime presence with this wine, after I tried it with a few of these recipe ideas? I actually prefer it this time of year! While I wouldn’t say this is the perfect wine for, say, November or maybe when there is snow on the ground, this transitional season between summer and fall is the perfect time to mix the two!

Favorite part of fall? The fresh apples!

The light airiness, hint of berries and florals pairs perfectly with sweet and tart apples! And until I tried them together? Oh my gosh! It’s kinda like champagne and strawberries, the beauty of one brings out the beauty of the other. So, I should pop open a bottle and eat some apple slices? Let’s get a little more creative.


pairing rosé with apples.jpg


The picture above is my favorite: cheese and crackers. I’m a snacker, I love snacks! So cheese and crackers is a constant in my house. But want to fancy it up? Grab some Manchego, and a jar of apple jelly. Want to get REALLY fancy? What about some homemade apple jelly? If you have bags full of apples from your trip to the orchard this weekend? Then, I say go for it! But if you’re having some friends over or if you are entertaining soon, this is the perfect finger food to set out to up your hosting game.

Have a sweet tooth? Making your apples into a light palette cleanser or dessert is a great use of this sweet and tart fruit! Like a apple granita or a spiced apple cider sorbet are a great dessert pairing with your glass of rosé. The acidity of the lemon juice and apple cider in the sorbet are a great compliment to the acidity in the rosé.

Want to try a sparkling rosé? The bubbles and increased acidity in the sparkling rosé allows for a bit heavier of a pairing, if you prefer! Maybe an apple chutney, or… ready for it? Apple Baked Brie? Well, you had me at “rosé”, then “baked”, then “brie”. But if the heaviness of the bake brie is too much, maybe in a different form? I LOVE this recipe for a Brie, Apple and Honey Crostini . Again, a great way to up your hosting and finger-food game, while keeping the pairing complimentary to your sparkling rosé.

Again, those are heavier options, and while all delicious, if you really want to pair it well with a rosé, I would go for a lighter, sparkling one. Almost the fruitier the better. Especially with the baked brie, as the heaviness of the brie may take over the sweetness of the apples. So let your wine take over and help out!






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