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As I get older, things hurt more. Honestly! I remember doing two-a-days in college with less soreness than I have now. While my workouts have adjusted and evolved over the years, my need for recovery hasn’t. I still workout at an intense level, whether it’s a butt-kicking from Solidcore, or a HIIT workout and spinning class twofer. My understanding of my body and health has evolved as well. We all know how important warm up and recovery can be to our workouts but we often don’t take the time or have the right tools to do it correctly. I cannot tell you how many different rollers or massage balls I have bought in an attempt to target my sore muscles, that are covered in dust in the corner of our home gym.



I suffer from muscle knots that get so bad sometimes that my entire back seizes. So I’m looking for super targeted therapy here, and I have never experienced more relief than with my Recoup Cryosphere. This bad boy is like the more sophisticated, smarter, and more put-together older brother to the ice cup. You know what I’m talking about, those little Dixie cups half full of frozen water, unwrapped at the bottom to rub out any muscle soreness or knots that lasts three minutes and leave you soaked. I can grab the Cryosphere from the freezer, drop it in my bag and know that it will stay cold for up to six hours and not leave Lake Erie in the bottom of my gym bag.

My favorite part? You can take the sphere out of the plastic holder for INSANELY targeted relief on my hips, glutes, IT band galore. If you’ve ever done an abductor focused workout, you know how badly you need that! And when I’m done? I throw it back in the freezer. No more wasting ziploc bags (ugh, plastic), rolling around those big massage rollers trying to figure out how to actually target the place you want to, and no more running your ice machine like crazy for some muscle relief!



Remember how I said I was getting older? That just means I’m super experienced 😀 which means I’ve likely had a few injuries along the way, and sometimes my joints just don’t respond as well as I would like. But whenever my knees hurt I have nightmarish flashbacks to huge ice bags and walking with saran-wrap around my legs. First off? So not cute. Secondly, have you tried to walk in those things? Not to mention, WHO walks around with huge plastic bags and rolls of Saran Wrap in their backpack?? I certainly don’t… nor do I have an industrial size ice machine. I know, so weird! BUT now I have my Cryosleeve as a part of this Cold Recovery Kit that I can grab from the freezer, throw in my backpack and have cold recovery treatment for hours. So whenever I do a workout that I know will irritate my (old) knee, I can wear this, tighten it with the super easy, dual-zone adjustable feature, and go about my day. No more having to carve out time to be laid up for a cold recovery treatment



Recoup already has some amazing products to keep you feeling and recovering great; whether with the Cryosphere, or the Cryosleeve that you can also use on your elbows, but coming this March you’ll be able to warm up and recover with heat with their Thermosleeve for up to 2 hours! Not to mention your ankles and shoulders will thank you for their new products launching in 2020 as well. So if you have an athlete in your family? Work in a training room? Know someone with a lingering injury, check out any and all of these options for a great gift this holiday and resolution season!

Not sure which one they’ll want? Or what size Cryosleeve? Grab a gift card! The perfect stocking stuffer!


Cryosphere ($39.99)


Cryosleeve – ($89.99)





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