If you can’t tell, I’m a planner, in life. I love to plan my days, my weeks, my living spaces, etc. so when we moved into a new apartment where we had to start from scratch I started planning immediately. And these plans have changed sssooooooo much over the months, we were originally supposed to move in in June and if we had our place would look very differently if we did!

I originally thought that super light and fresh was what I wanted: all whites and light neutrals. But over the past few months I have loved playing with dark and moody colors. Plus, my husband isn’t the cleanest eater in the world :-/ Now we already had a few pieces so I had to find a way to include these darker and more colorful pieces, which to be honest is the best way to do it! If you don’t want it to be a super moody room but still want hints of it, the details to top it off are the perfect place to do it! Meaning, a top-layer rug, throw pillows, maybe a coffee or side table.


Our living room is obviously going to be the most-used room in our apartment, and I’m sure it will even change from the design concept above seeing as I have about 7 rug swatches sitting in front of me right now 😀 But our living room has so much natural light that I knew that having a darker rug and accents wouldn’t make the space feel overly moody. That’s something to really keep in mind when picking colors and hues. If you want some color and mood, but don’t want it to be overwhelming, consider how much light the room has as well as the height of the ceilings! Lower ceilings and minimal natural light are features that immediately make a room darker/moodier already. So since our ceilings are 12’ and we have floor to ceiling windows, I wasn’t too worried about these features being too dark.

Still thinking over the light fixture though, we might have to wait a while and live in the space until we pick that one.

We do have two bedrooms, but unfortunately for future guests, that second bedroom is not for you. We needed a dedicated space for a desk and in-home workouts, so that’s what this bad boy’s gonna be! We also know that since we’re in a much smaller space from our house in MN, and quarantine isn’t quite over, we need other spaces to be able to escape to: a comfortable bedroom to hang out in, a functional kitchen table, maybe a reading corner to change up the scenery.

I started with the linens in the bedroom. While I already had the headboard from Target, I wanted the linens to make it feel stylish and comfortable. I think people minimize the importance of bed linens and that is a huge miss! Linens can completely change the feel of your bedroom, and check out some of my picks and finds below.

Also don’t assume you need fancy nightstands for a nice bedroom. I got ours from Amazon and changed the hardware. If you don’t need a drawer or want a minimal look? Consider an open side table or floating shelf! That’s a great way to add some style to your room.


I’m also super excited about our entryway. I really like how you can turn a small and otherwise empty space into a totally functional and stylish corner. Entryways are actually the best area to do just that! You can get creative not only with the artwork and maybe wallpaper, etc. but with hooks and shelves too! We have a rather large entryway for an apartment so we’re lucky enough to have the space for some items, but it’s key not to overdo it. Sometimes doing too much with a space just because you have the room for it can undo any aesthetic goals you have.

The office plans are super bare bones and to be honest because that space is going to be so multi-functional I think that the majority of the pieces of that room are going to be small organizational tools to keep that small space feeling uncluttered. I’ll share more on Instagram as it comes to life!

PNG image.png

I keep changing my mind like crazy on the kitchen table!! At first we were thinking that we would forego a kitchen table, but other than the living room and office it would be the only other place to sit! So since we are spending 99.999999% of our time at home these days, we figured we could use the extra functional design. All I know is that I really want an industrial looking table, round, and comfy and casual/farmhouse slip covered dining chairs. These are the top three variations I have right now, but check out the links to some of the items below too!

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