I think we need a summer version of the song “It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year”. Because it really is!! We’ve been stuck inside… on sooooo many (COVID) levels. But now the sun is out, the trees and flowers are blooming, and you don’t have to just get your Vitamin D from the supplements in your cabinet. We don’t have a big backyard, but you really don’t need a huge one to be able to maximize and enjoy it!

Last summer we had stones put down to have a little sitting area because we found ourselves sitting on the back step for hours. Then came the question, how to maximize this little 10×10 space? Luckily we had a sectional that we had bought when we lived in Phoenix that was still in “good” shape. And since I hate waste I set to refurbish it, and think I did a pretty fantastic job! We stuck with that alone for a while but knew we wanted it to feel like a really comfortable space. The more comfortable and suitable to our needs, the more we would use it.


SECTIONAL (this one is old and sold out, but linked a similar one here) | ACCENT CHAIR | UMBRELLA | UMBRELLA STAND | COFFEE TABLE | RATTAN TRAY | LANTERNS

While I love a pop of color here and there, I personally wanted our grass to be healthy enough to serve as the ‘pop’ 😀 So I stuck to neutrals here. But one thing I want you to be weary of, unless it’s your thing, is to not be too matchy, otherwise it will all blend together! For instance, if your furniture has a brown/wood frame, get a much lighter/darker cushion for contrast, then for the cushions find a color that will compliment but not match the frame. You don’t want them to match the seat cushions 100% because again, then it’ll all blend together and you’ll just have one big blob. I also like the mix of materials when it comes to the furniture. While our sectional frame is teak, we got a wicker wrapped arm chair which is complimentary in color. Same with our new coffee table, it is complimentary in color but doesn’t match 100% and has some variation in the pattern of the faux wood and the black legs.

Not sure what colors to even begin with? Recently I have loved color matching to my pictures on Pinterest. Pick the landscape image that calls to you the most: could be a beach at sunset, a forest, the mountains, a lake, whatever!! Then I use the app Over to find the color palette of the image, from there you can create a palette for your patio. It obviously doesn’t have to be exact, but it is a great starting point.



Now check out tons of furniture/decor finds for your outdoor patio and don’t miss the sales below that! Memorial Day Weekend is the PRIME time for outdoor furniture sales to put together your outdoor space.






photo dec 04, 10 14 44 am.PNG


Memorial Day Weekend is the absolute best time for outdoor furniture sales!! So check out a ton that I found below for some stylish and affordable pieces to add to your outdoor spaces.



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