These are easily my favorite style of shorts. Honestly, other than my go-to mom jean shorts this is the only other style that I own! If you’ve been following me for a while then you know that the part of my body I am most insecure about are my hips/thighs, so shorts can be a little difficult to find. I don’t like shorts that are too tight around the hips, but then they are too loose around my waist! The struggle is real :-/

So when paperbag shorts started to become super popular I was BEYOND thrilled! They have elastic or a tie/belt around the waist making that area more fitted, but then are loose around the hips. Basically, they were made for me! I also love now that there are so many kinds of styles now; denim, linen, tie waist, elastic, pleated, etc. So whatever event you have in the summer, you will be able to dress them up or down! So i’ve rounded up all the great styles that I could find for this post, I hope you find some good ones!


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OVER $100




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