Oh my goodness I was so excited about this project! I absolutely love our pantry back home in MN so when I realized that the closet in our apartment just had several of those white wired shelves, I wasn’t insanely excited. But then I started doing some research and found some great ways to temporarily and affordably upgrade the space that wouldn’t hit our security deposit when we leave.





I knew I wanted the space to be pretty + functional, so the first thing that I wanted to do was brighten the walls! And obviously being in an apartment that wasn’t really a possibility. So when I found Livette’s Wallpaper I was ecstatic! It is removable, peel & stick which is a renter’s dream come true. They had so many amazing designs that to be honest I had a hard time picking. Which, I guess is a great problem to have! Not only was it incredibly easy to use, but it totally made the closet feel brighter and immediately styled it up.

I still can’t get over how easy it will be to take it off when we leave either!



Grey Foliage Print Removable Wallpaper


The second component are the DIY shelf covers, which I think are great for any ugly shelves. They look like reclaimed wood floating shelves and again, completely uplift the style of the space. And I’m not sure if it’s just me, but I always find that with the wire shelving, things fall into the grooves and tip over time to time, so this completely eliminates that issue. I used English Chestnut stain because the plywood that I got had an orange tint to it so any lighter stain wouldn’t come through that great. Maybe I’m just obsessed with his color after this side table or something, but I think they look great!.






Now comes for the accessories, which any woman knows can be the most important part to an outfit.

  1. Not many closets have appropriate lighting so I found these from Home Depot and I’m so excited about them! They run on batteries and work on a remote so no worries about hardwiring. There are some great ones from IKEA as well, but those required a plug and we didn’t have a socket in the closet and didn’t want to deal with hiding the wire.

  2. Baskets are like, my jam! And if you don’t have many different storage spaces, you can use baskets to put some categories in the baskets and keep it from feeling disorganized. Things like paper towels, maybe extra boxes of trash bags, or other home items that might not traditionally be found in a pantry.

  3. Jars on jars on jars 😀 IKEA has some affordable jars that can upgrade your pantry, and sure you might think that it is a little extra to put your snacks etc into jars and take that extra step. But you know what? It is totally worth it to open up the pantry door, and know exactly what is where and not see a bajillion different plastic bags. And let’s not sleep on these labels! My goodness are they beautiful and again, organized!



my picks!









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