This time of year goes so quickly. And now that holidays are next on the calendar, it’s just going to speed up even more. And I haven’t done a monthly recap of the bestsellers for a while, but I think that some people might already be preparing for holiday and gift buying because of everything in the news about shipping times so I thought it might be helpful!




This past month I’ve really wanted to start to cook more. I’m not sure if it’s the chillier temperatures that make me want to nest at home, or just the fun soup recipes that are now more appealing, but I’ve gotten back into my cookbooks. I made a few while my parents were in town and they were a hit! So I’ve shared them below because I know people are going to be hosting more these next few months and might want some recommendations.


30 Minute Creamy Chicken and Parmesan Dumplings

By Half Baked Harvest

The ‘30 minute’ part is what got me here. This turned out to be more of a soup than anything. And while it was decisions and perfect for a cold night, it didn’t keep very well. I think I may have not cooked the dumplings long enough because when I tried to heat it up the next day they crumbled apart. Which was not delicious. I’d also advocate for loads more chicken to make it a bit heartier. But overall, I’d say it is a good recipe to make.


Magnolia’s Orecchiette Pasta

This one was the winner. Creamy without being too rich, filling without feeling like it was too much, and while I doubled the recipe, we still powered through it in a few days. I used bacon instead of pancetta but I kind wish I had done pancetta. My advice: use more than the recipe calls for and keep that separate of the shallot+cream sauce until the very end. Then put the bacon/pancetta on top of each bowl so it stays crispy. It was still delicious but you can never have too much bacon. You can find this recipe in Magnolia Cookbook Vol. II


Cider Pumpkin Waffles

by Half Baked Harvest

These were so stinking good! I made them just as a little treat for myself on a Sunday morning not thinking my husband would want to partake, then I cam out and he had eaten the rest! Yes, two servings worth. I only made half the recipe since it would have been too much otherwise, but my goodness we probably could have eaten them all. No added sugar but still so flavorful! If you aren’t a fan of pumpkin you could use butternut squash instead. But the pumpkin was delicious and not overpowering. I highly recommend you make these, and like, now.



I shared our entryway last week, and love that there are small projects throughout the house that I’ll be able to continue to share over the next few months. The first one is our hallway built-in benches. I finished the DIY cushions and shared that in a reels a few days ago but will be able to share the final glow up in a few weeks. We’re updating the lighting and adding some different pillows and artwork that I’m so excited to share. Shop a little preview below!



And let’s not forget holiday decorating! I want to enjoy our decor a little longer this year so I think I’m going to start putting it up in a few weeks. I’ve needed to expand my collection since our home is bigger and we’re actually going to be able to be here for a few years, so here are a few finds that you’ll see up for the season.



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