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"Shine is my favorite color" - Marc Jacobs 


Fossil has got some amazing watches and bands, but this one takes the cake! It is digital, amazing usability, and best of all? It's so pretty! No more worries about taking off your smartwatch to match your outfit... now, it's about matching your outfit with your smartwatch! 




Fossil does it again! This satchel is the perfect size and perfect style for any outfit this Spring! And best yet? There are so many great colors! I am partial to the neutrals of this beautiful off-white and browns, but there's a beautiful green on,e and gray one, and black one. Oh, heck, I love them all! 

a scarf for all occassions 

This trend isn't new, but it has certainly started up again this past year! It took me a second to get on board, but now that there are so many cute ones out on the market? Sign me up! Check out this post to see all the different ways you can wear yours this Spring!