I eat bread. I love bread. Which these days with people flaunting their gluten free nonsense and waving their no carbs banners, this sentiment isn’t a popular one.

So for those people who do actually like food, this post is for you! I have always loved making bread, like love loved it. And not quick breads like banana bread (although I love making that too), but at a young age I started making yeast breads. And tough ones too! i’ve made Challah (braided it and everything), and some amazing breads for holiday gatherings. And I realized that was when I most loved making it. The ability to literally break bread with people at the table! So whether you’re having a Thanksgiving to yourself or you’ve got your quarantine family with you, here are some recipes that I’ve made in the past and love, as well as a fun holiday table idea for your own individual sides of bread.

I don’t think I could even keep track of how many times I’ve made this Multigrain Yeast Bread. It is so insanely good. Sweetness from the molasses, heartiness in all of the seeds, and it is crusty on the outside with the softest inside. This would be my top suggestion for a loaf to have for breakfast with a group around. Warm and sliced with some preserves… I mean, I think that’s what heaven looks like?


Left: Multigrain Yeast Bread from Williams Sonoma Right: Holiday Wreath Baguette from Food Network


This holiday wreath takes time, dedication and a creative touch. But I have made it for Thanksgiving and Christmas for the past three years and it is a huge hit. Not only in the flavor because it’s delicious but in the shape! It’s so fun and festive and a great way to show off your skills. It makes two wreaths so if you’ve got a big group? Great! Or if you want, I’ve made both and frozen the other for a bit. It still tastes great thawed and heated up.

Now time for my favorite part. I’m sure it is my favorite mostly because of where it comes from. I first discovered these pots of joy when I went to brunch at Terrain and loved them! Not only are they delicious but what a clever idea. So if you’re looking for an easy and simply table decoration, I think this is a great place to start! You can tie little ribbons around them or find another way to make them a part of the decor and not just the meal.




Now for those bread lovers, here are some good finds and gift ideas.



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