The world opening up did mean wearing real clothes. And while I am a firm believer that leggings are in fact real clothes, I think that the transition into jeans was a necessary one. Leggings have too much give and are almost too forgiving!! I need those judgmental seams to keep me in line 😀

I have included some of my favorite denim finds this Summer, and to be honest most of them were new! I have grown to want/need more length in my jean shorts so I went on the hunt for a few new styles and found some great ones!


Riley Short in Groove
Dee Super High Rise Short


Both of these shorts are by Agolde and offer a little extra length along with a high rise fit. I love the Riley short and feel like the denim is a little softer so a little more comfortable. But you cannot beat a super high rise short like the Dee pair. Both are great options and in my opinion, worth the splurge.

When I wore full length jeans, I always go with my favorite Abercrombie pair, the 90’s Ultra High Rise. No way I’m gonna let Gen X make fun of me for skinny jeans 😀


90’s Ultra High Rise Straight Jeans


But I must say that I think that I’m most excited about these two new pairs that I just got! I think that they are so cute for transitioning into Fall! Super cute to pair with a tank top and layered necklaces, or as it gets colder, a light sweater bodysuit. I love the waist detail and think that it’s super flattering and adds a nice spin to a plain pair of jeans.



Now, time for the month’s bestsellers. I am still in denial that this weekend is Labor Day Weekend, but I think that’s mostly because it is still so hot here in Nashville. We’re headed to MN next week and it looks like we’ll have to adjust out fashion choices. I’m sure the cooler temps will feel nice for a while, but call me in January 😉




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