I wish I could dress in sparkles all the time! 




Doesn’t it just make you feel fancy? And brands know how to do it these days! So many styles that are the perfect piece to your fancy NYE holiday party outfit. I love this jacket for so many reasons, too! 

First, it’s a bomber-style jacket, and who doesn’t love a good bomber. But because of the cut of the jacket it gives it a hint of casual to your look. That and the varsity stripes on the neck and the sleeves, it has a sporty feel to it as well! So if you’re looking for a piece that will totally fit the NYE vibes, but also something that you can wear throughout the rest of the year, this is your jacket! 





This whole look has a sporty vibe to it. From the jacket, to the graphic tee, combined with the joggers. Which is a style I love! If you really want to go all out on New Years Eve, go for it! But if you’d prefer to keep it mellow, but still fit the holiday spirit? A look like this is perfect for that 

The joggers? Beyond! I love the satin feel of these, and I think that they are beyond versatile. I know, I use that word probably too much. But because of their ‘versatility’, you don’t have to worry about having another piece of clothing hanging in your closet that you never wear. 





Another great feature of this jacket is the fuzzy nature of the fabric. It’s a subtle fur because of the sequins, which is a nice subtle hit, plus keeps you super warm during these completely frigid nights in Michigan. 

This graphic tee is also beyond adorable. It says ‘winter time, summer mind’ which is the absolute truth! Beyond NYE celebrations, I love this graphic tee trend that is hitting the market. It’s always been popular, but these days you have really great brands getting some really great phrases on their styles. Sol Angeles that you can find at Anthropologie has an amazing selection. And the best part? They’re not cheesy! Which can commonly be an issue when trying to find a good graphic





Even better?? This jacket is on EXTRA sale!! Already on sale for under $100, but right now, Anthropologie is having sale, another 30% off of already marked sale items. So that makes the jacket less than $70!!!!!! And sizes are running out, so…. pretty sure you should click the picture below to shop it NOW! 

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