I didn’t buy new loungewear when the quarantine hit. Maybe a pair of joggers, but I think that’s it! So now, eight months later I have worn through just about every piece that I have and am ready for a refreshing new set of options. I have also found that most of my loungewear pieces before were the kinds that you don’t even let your neighbors see you wear. So I thought that since this is almost all that I’m wearing I would find a few pieces that are actually public-appropriate. Or, that I could wear all day without feeling like I’ve just been in my pajamas.

I’ve found some great pieces from H&M and they tend to be neutrals which is my jam. Also, very affordable so win-win. I have also found that Mango has some great comfy pieces too that you could pair with a pair of jeans or a jacket and look totally public-appropriate. They are also in the neutrals game. Swoon. I think a lot of retailers are catching on, and they are putting out a “matching sets” category. I think this time of year is perfect for a matching set of sweats then add a contrasting color wool coat, puffer coat, or a vest and you’re set!

Bottom line, with winter in full swing in most some areas, and with lock-downs in and out, I don’t think my loungewear is going to be packed away any time soon! So check out some of my finds below and some categories that I think will up your loungewear game.





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