The Rise Podcast with Rachel Hollis, episode 116: ‘How To Change Your LIfe TODAY’ aired October 1 and of course, I listened to it ASAP. I think that this was one of my favorites of hers, which is saying a lot. I have taken something valuable from every single one of her episodes, but this one is one that I’m acting on, and right away.

I never recognized that October is almost exactly 90 days away from the New Year. At this point I’m still in denial that it’s even October, so to think about Christmas being just under three months from now is a little bizarre. But Hollis opens with the point that I always try to live by, which is “why wait until New Years?” While it takes 21 days to create a habit, Hollis notes that “if you do something for 90 days, it becomes a part of your life.”. So she and her husband created LAST 90 DAYS which is essentially a group for people who want to join together to transform not only the rest of 2019, but potentially the future well beyond the New Year.

In the podcast, she shared her and her husband’s five goals they set for their LAST 90, and why they are important to them or can/will effect their everyday life, which are mostly health/fitness themed. Her mindset and the point behind the LAST 90 is to think about allllllll the results you could have made by Jan 1! And that those habits will be second nature by that time, making the first 30 days of 2020 that much more successful.

But everyone has their own goals, needs, and hopes, and not everyone’s are about health and fitness. Which is totally fine! While I still have so much more progress to make on my own diet and fitness, I have spent so much time in my own life focusing on that and obsessing over those things, that I wanted to make my five focus on professional and personal expansion. Since I always try and show more of myself, not just outfits, on the blog I thought that this was a great opportunity to share my five with you and hope that by doing that it might inspire you to make your own five, or even to join the LAST 90 DAYS!

  1. Spend at least 30 minutes a day learning something new – no, I don’t mean cool skills to use as party tricks or something. I mean spending at minimum 30 minutes educating myself on a new area of business. There is so much to all of this and so much to learn, so much changing every day that I want to make sure that I’m not only executing what I know well, but also continuing to push myself towards things I don’t know

  2. Have at least one real moment on social media a day – Yes, I always try and keep it 100, but what I mean by this is to have a real, deep, legitimate moment with my followers on social media. Since this “work” is so driven by these apps and it has created such a distortion of what life should look like, I want to share more than my highlight reel! Now, I’m still going to want my feed to look good, okay? 😂 But whether it’s on my Instagram stories, maybe a tweet, or even doing more Live videos, being real about what’s going on! Because we all know that life is so much more than a highlight reel or well manicured stories, or #ad.

  3. Do one thing a week that gets me out of my comfort zone – Yes, still talking professionally. So whether this means a networking event, reaching out to a brand, reaching out to a fellow influencer, etc. It would be so easy to live within those two or three social media apps, and not try to expand yourself within them, but I want to get out of my comfort zone! From what I hear, that’s where all the cool stuff happens ☺️.

  4. Make my gratitude list every morning – Hollis talks about her gratitude journal, and how to appropriately use it. But almost a year ago I started doing something of my own that I thought would help me to enter every day with a positive and thankful outlook. Every morning in my little 4 inch Moleskin notebook I write a list of six things: three things that I am grateful for (specific! Not big picture), and three things that I am looking forward to. I do this first thing every morning with my coffee and I have found that forcing myself into thinking deeply about both makes me really think about how thankful I should be and all the great things to come!

  5. Find a way at least once a week to help someone – this can materialize in really different ways; whether it’s by volunteering somewhere, sending someone an encouraging note that might need it, or even something small like helping someone that looks like they are struggling putting their luggage overhead on the plane (can you tell I’ve been traveling a lot lately?) We’re all so worried about ourselves (myself included) that it seems like sometimes we forget just how much everyday and little acts can really help or lift someone up!

So while these next few months can be a little crazy with the holidays, it doesn’t mean we have to go completely crazy! You know what I mean, the gifts, the parties, the traveling, the SNOW! Hopefully these five things will help keep everything a little more grounded in the coming months. And keep that in mind in the next 90 days. If you have an absolutely cray cray week where you have zero time to do anything but work and breathe? GIve yourself a break, and pick it back up tomorrow!

Leave a comment below to let me know what you think about the LAST 90 DAYS and if you want to join, or even drop a goal or two that you would want to set. It takes a village 😁

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