… because it’s so cold, you’ll freeze otherwise :-O 

Most of my day isn’t spent in cute jeans and heels. It’s spent in leggings! Going to and from the gym, running errands after the gym, you see where I’m going with this. And this is most people’s reality! As much as most fashion bloggers look like they are dressed in cute outfits every day, I’m not sure about you but that just isn’t what my itinerary calls for! 

With the athleisure trend we are able to still dress cute and stylishly, but also functionally. When you’re leaving the gym, you can make a quick change to be able to look adorable while you’re running to do your errands, take a quick coffee meeting, or meet a friend for lunch. 






Fit is fashionable! 

A lot of people also like this type of style in their everyday life even if they aren’t coming from the gym! I mean, it is a great look! It’s casual, it’s cute! Why wouldn’t you want to rock it? 





So how do you keep that trend in your outfits without freezing this time of year?! I feel ya! In Michigan right now we are currently under 1-2 feet of snow, and a good portion of my day is trying to kick around the snow so my dog can find some grass to… you know, do her thang. 

I’ve put together these looks and categories so you can find the perfect piece for, not only your preference, but also your activity! Are you looking to work out in the gear? Or rock it after your gym session. We’ve got it all here! 



Cute pieces that are on the trendy side. Great pieces for those fashionistas who want to show their style outside of the gym 



Just hanging around the house or with friends but want to look cute? These are the perfect pieces for those laid-back days when comfort meets style 



Let’s not forget the pieces that you actually want to work out in! Some people don’t live in sub-zero temperatures and can actually venture outside for their exercise. Who knew 🙂 



Again, this is a foreign concept to me in Michigan winters, BUT nonetheless there are people out there who are much smarter than me and live in milder conditions. And if you’re not one of those people? Give it a few months and that pesky time between fall/winter and winter/spring is a perfect time to bring out your favorite vest for an extra layer of insulation 


Looking for some great brands that won’t break the bank? A lot of the products above are from Lorna Jane, which is one of my favorites! They have such a clean, stylish look at an affordable price! 

And I’m sure you have seen the commercials featuring Kate Hudson’s abs and a cute pair of leggings. I was skeptical when I first tried Fabletics for the first time a few years ago. But, you guys, this brand is going to just. keep. growing! The quality is amazing, and the prices are spectacular!! Keep an eye out for more to come between me and this brand 😉 

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